Effective Treatments for Chronic Vein Diseases

Vein diseases are usually not a cause of alarm; however, if not attended to, they can cause severe discomforts, itching, and skin discoloration, which can significantly affect your mood. Dr. Jones offers vein services in Alexandria that are effective and aim to improve your vascular well-being, thus enabling you to lead a happier life.

Treatments Available for Varicose veins

Dr. Jones of Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Vein Institute offers various vein services to reduce your discomfort and enhance your vascular well-being. Some of the vein treatments provided include:

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment refers to an invasive process that employs laser energy to ease varicose veins’ severity. Varicose veins refer to the swollen, protruding veins that occur along your legs. This invasive procedure contracts varicose veins and closes them redirecting the flow of blood through other healthy veins. Varicose veins are rarely a cause of worry, but they can be quite uncomfortable and painful, disrupting your daily activities. Such disruptions will push you to a health center for assistance. Find remedy at Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute.

Endoscopic Vein and Radial Artery Harvesting

Dr. Jones provides a slightly invasive procedure that involves a collection of some sections of your blood vessels to be used as implants on other body parts. This procedure has stood the test of time for safety with minimal pain and minor wounds.

Below are examples of vein issues that can affect you;

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Veins are made up of valves that aid in blood flow, usually preventing it from flowing backward. Chronic venous insufficiency happens when defective valves restrict blood circulation. The occurrence of varicose veins can be the cause of blockages that hinder proper blood circulation.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins refer to blue or purple swollen, protruding veins that occur behind your legs. They usually occur due to the backward flow of blood, which accumulates, causing your veins to bulge, making them visible behind your legs. The backward flow of blood is a result of defective valves.

What to expect when undergoing vein treatments

Dr. Jones offers slightly invasive procedures in the treatment of vein diseases. He uses ultrasound and tubes to reduce your discomfort and pain significantly. Dr. Jones will administer local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Your doctor will create small openings and utilize the ultrasound in directing the catheter into the troubling parts of your veins. After correctly positioning the catheter, he will carry out your treatment. After the treatment, Dr. Jones will withdraw the catheter and cover the wound openings. He will also offer a compression stocking to aid in your recovery.

What should you expect after undergoing the treatment?

Dr. Jones advocates that you should wear compression stockings after undergoing the treatment. Your doctor will also recommend that you take a series of 10-minutes walks multiple times a day to enhance blood circulation. Dr. Jones will also schedule several appointments to monitor your recovery to ensure that the treatment is a success.

If you are struggling with any chronic vein disease, book your appointment online at Louisiana Cardiovascular Thoracic Institute to get the precise treatment for your condition.