Features To Look For In Best Dehumidifier

Most if not all residential and industrial/commercial dehumidifier have additional features which add convenience to the life and help unit best fit users’ needs and wants. Some of the features are more popular as compared to others, depending on the location you are using it. Below is a breakdown of most popular features of house and commercial dehumidifiers.

Popular Features to Look for in Residential Dehumidifiers

  • Automatic Humidistat – An automatic humidistat automatically maintains a desired humidity level by triggering it to function only when it is needed. By this it also helps energy savings.
  • Electronic Controls – Digital or electronic allow you set accurate humidity level to offer precise humidity control
  • Programmable Timer – it allow you to program startup as well as shutoff times depending on your specific needs and wants.
  • Various Operating Speeds and Modes – Select from variety of modes and speed in order to find right dehumidification level that better suits your needs and wants.
  • Carrying handles and Casters – Casters and carrying handles and casters help in portability
  • Automatic Restart – Great for basements! Power loss protection automatically restart dehumidifier if there is a power failure, this features is perfect for basements.
  • Lower Temperature Function – Most if not all residential dehumidifiers function effectively down to 41 degrees F. Carefully look for this option if you are using dehumidifier in a cooler basement or crawl space.
  • Automatic Defrost – In regions with colder temperatures, the automatic defrost function helps to keep your dehumidifier unit operational through defrosting ice buildups to reduce the downtime.
  • Air Filters – Most if not all house dehumidifiers have washable air filters which traps particles and allergens to protect internal components of dehumidifier form damages caused by debris.

Popular Features to Look For in Industrial/Commercial Dehumidifiers

Lower temperature operation, automatic restart and automatic defrost system, are ideal features for industrial/commercial dehumidifiers. Here are more features to look for in Industrial or commercial dehumidifiers.

  • Rugged, weatherproof Housing – Rugged and weatherproof housing can withstand extreme dehumidifying conditions usually there in commercial dehumidifiers.
  • Internal Condensate Pumps – Most industrial/commercial dehumidifiers have pumps rather than water tanks or reservoirs as they need to remove greater amounts of moisture.
  • Long Power Cords – Longer power cord allow you to dehumidify many different spots by using just one outlet.
  • Advanced Air Filtration – Try to find more advanced air filters when buying these dehumidifiers, because they can capture smallest particles or debris to protect the sensitive parts from damage.
  • Large handles and Smooth Wheels – Smooth and large rolling wheels as well as a large heavy-duty handle makes it easier to move dehumidifier.
  • Hour Meter – it track the time in hours dehumidifier unit has been working.