Most of us start every new year with a resolution to lose weight and many do it successfully, but the majority fails to accomplish the weight loss objectives. There could be diverse reasons of the weight loss failure and one major reason is with the choice of weight loss diet you make. Remember, every diet does not suit every dieter. Since there are three body types, it clears the fact that we need different weight loss diets too.

We hand-picked the following top 10 weight loss diets of 2017 that has shown some extremely positive results for the people. We browsed several weight loss communities & blogs and ask numerous health experts & authors to compile our list. From positive reviews to after-before pictures, we carefully analyzed each and every detail of the diets people are using to finalize our list. So without further due, lets see which general health and particularly weight loss diets really worked in 2017 and transformed lives into a new ‘You’.

1 – The DASH Diet

The DASH diet stands for the acronym ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’. It was formed by the National Institutes of Health of USA to treat the patients of hypertension, but it is quite ideal for all people.

This is a varied diet in which the intake of fruits, raw vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, meat and fish is recommended.

Saturated fats, refined sugars and carbohydrates are virtually banned while it reduces to a minimum consumption of alcohol. The diet is accompanied by an exercise plan.

Salt is reduced and controlled to a daily low, which means banishing salt from your most canned food, sausages and instant soups.

2 – TLC Diet

TLC stands for ‘Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes’. It was designed too by the US National Institutes of Health, but this time as a diet to treat cholesterol. Again, experts have considered this diet an ideal choice for all types of profiles because it is very healthy, complete and safe.

TLC diet focuses on reducing cholesterol levels rather than losing weight, in fact, its creators say they can lose between 8% and 10% in just six weeks sue to lower consumption of saturated fats from foods such as meat or milk.

3 – MIND Diet

MIND stands for ‘Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay’. It focuses on eating foods that help reduce the possibility of neurological disorders.

MIND diet lays emphasis on menus full of green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries, fish, whole grains, beans and olive oil, in short, all those foods that scientific evidence has shown are good for brain. It is considered the healthiest and easy to follow diet. Yes, you guessed right! It was also designed by the US National Institutes of Health.

4 – The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the ideal diets for optimum health and weight loss and always remains in the top list of diets almost every year and it is no wonder the amount of foods and ways of preparing in this diet are healthy. You can have abundant of fish, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, always cooked with olive oil, and less red meat, sugars and saturated fats as these are the basis of a Mediterranean diet.

In addition to helping you lose weight, numerous studies support the important health benefits, including its ability to reduce the risk for certain cancers or heart diseases. It has been scientifically proven that the Mediterranean diet is enriched with nuts and extra virgin olive oil which reduces by 30% the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke or cardiovascular death.

5 – Mayo Clinic Diet

Health experts from Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious private hospitals in the world, developed it in order to make you lose around 45 kilos within one year. Indeed, the regime focuses on long term weight loss, helping to adopt the lifestyle to lose weight healthily and also keep it off for good.

The Mayo Clinic diet does not eliminate any nutrients, but, like most weight loss plans, recommends raw intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The peculiarity of this regime is insisting on the change in lifestyle, not only with regard to food, also with regard to physical exercise. You are recommended to perform exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes at a moderate pace every day.

6 – Fat Diminisher, Weight Loss Program

Fat Diminisher was developed by Wesley Virgin and it has been doing very well for the weight loss dieters this year. Fat Diminisher is a complete program in which Wesley Virgin guides the users with detailed meal plan and exercise routine, so that the users do not face any difficulty to follow the program and experience the best weight loss results. Fat Diminisher is a recommended program to lose weight steadily.

7 – Volumetric Diet

One of the main disadvantages of diets is that you always feel hungry, but here is some good news that with volumetric diet you do not have this feeling of hunger. It is especially useful in the long term as it focuses on keeping satiated and retrain the way we eat.

The diet was created by the professor of nutrition at Penn State University Barbara Rolls with the idea that people tend to eat every day the same amount of food, regardless of calories this has. In the opinion of Rolls, it is much more difficult to follow a diet that is much in quantity, but little in calories. The menus consists of mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables and low fat dairy while you can eat pasta and fritters occasionally.

8 – The Jenny Craig Diet

Founded in 1983 by Jenny Craig and her husband, it is one of the healthiest diets and experts say its visible short-term effects can be maintained easily for at least 12 months. The fact that international celebrities like Mariah Carey, Kirstie Alley and Queen Latifah strictly follow the program greatly supports Jenny Craig Diet. In addition to ongoing advice and custom control of the weight of each person, the company offers the possibility of receiving full menu every day prepared on your doorstep or pick it up at any of more than 700 centers that the company has worldwide.

9 – Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers diet is a commercial diet similar to the very popular Nutrisystem, (best coupons are at MyDealsClub by the way). According to experts, it outperforms other premium diets on its ability to help you lose weight in the short term and how easy it is to follow.

The regime emphasizes on teamwork since it is vital to have support of those around you to succeed in the weight loss diet. The intake of many fruits and vegetables leaves a little room for occasional indulgences, which is considered necessary to not despair in the attempt of losing weight.

You can save money on your membership by using Weight Watchers discount codes.

10 – 3 Week Diet

The people who intend to lose weight want it all done in a jiffy. Well, it is neither possible nor recommended to lose weight insanely fast. However, the fitness experts know this hurriedness in human nature. Therefore, Mr. Brian Flatt, a fitness expert has designed a weight loss program which can work in as low as 3 weeks and he also named it as ‘3 Week Diet’. The program has earned good reputation in 2017 and is expected to continue working on its way to 2018.

A Word of Caution:

Everybody wants to lose weight magically overnight, which is in fact and definitely not possible at all, still most of us are looking for crash diets and miracle diets and many of us follow them in reality. The health and medical experts strictly say NO to crash and miracle diets since they will surely end up in a disaster regardless of how well you find them working in the beginning. Please, do not be trapped watching the falsely hyped advertisements of such diets.


Having reviewed all the above-mentioned diet program and the ones we couldn’t include in this list, it all boils down to some important facts and rules which are as follows;

  • One diet program may not work for all people.
  • We have to lose weight to be healthy instead of focusing on aesthetic purposes only, hence, crash diets and miracle diets are a starkly NO-NO.
  • Weight loss requires persistence with the efforts being made.
  • You have to make weight loss routine your lifestyle instead of limiting it to few weeks or months.
  • Weight loss occurs with the combination of diet and exercise.