The High Performance Handbook Review – Eric Cressey Legit or Scam?

The High Performance Handbook is a program that provides ways of developing a personalized training program. It is as similar to consulting with a trusted specialist for conditioning and strengthening through successful strategies for achieving the targets. Thus, in a cost of a PDF eBook, you actually hire a personal trainer. This is more than an eBook and can be described as a whole system with additional stuff and popular scientific detailed programs.

The primary objective of this absolutely practical fitness program is performance increase in strength, athleticism and flexibility. It provides a great extent of customization depending significantly on the present status of fitness.

Product Details of High Performance Handbook

The salient features of the product are as follows;

  • It is a series of valuable guidelines related to the several problems regarding health fitness.
  • The main thought behind the ideology used in the program is that fitness goers and athletes might have common targets to have the best start, however, they are different. This is the main reason why customization is quite important as it empowers the trainer to recognize prevention and what performances can increase harms.
  • The customization entails self-evaluation to know your actual type and overriding position range of movement that is classified as extension prejudice and flexion program.
  • You will be able to pick your own training agenda.
  • It allows you to select particular fitness objectives including strength, fat loss and athletic performance.
  • The exercise training video database comes with in depth detail.
  • There are some other features that come at additional price including, nutritional guide, training templates, worksheet with nutritional guide to fill the diet particulars (it is broken in two programs as Flexion and Extension) and a rapid reference guide.

Eric Cressy Review

ericThe basic operation Handbook was developed by Eric Cressey and other additional material for Nutrition Guidelines was created by Brian St. Pierre. Cressey is a popular person in the world of fitness and has published many articles and books on the topic of fitness. He owns and runs a couple of training facilities in Massachusetts and Florida states. He has worked with several athletes who later debut in Olympics and Major League Baseball.

The Bad Points

  • The program has no consideration for the special requirements like individuals who are wounded or with other health condition.
  • Many other features such as nutritional guide come at some added price.


The Good Points

  • It is highly practical and appropriate for coaches, sportsmen and trainers as it covers techniques that help accomplish functionality enhancement above average. So there isn’t any need for a personal trainer for guidance.
  • The level of training is meant for professional like the level of Olympic athletes.
  • It allows higher level of customization and flexibility.
  • You don’t need to spend anything on expensive fitness machines and going at fitness centers.
  • Extremely easy to understand, learn and follow as it explains each and everything in detail and the methodology is laid out exactly. The worksheet-templates are provided to enable you to proceed more readily.
  • It is suitable for anyone and it is cost effective.
  • Hundreds of high performance handbook reviews in reputable muscle building communities.

Is It The High Performance Handbook Scam?

With countless & positive High Performance Handbook reviews in reputable body building communities, it seems to be a real powerful and suitable muscle building program to invest into. The author of the program, Eric Cressey, is the founder of Cressey Sports Performance company which have their own training facilities in Hudson, Massachusetts and Jupiter, Florida. Numerous trainers from these academies have made their appearances in Olympics and Major League Baseball. This alone should be an enough reason for anyone looking into high performance handbook program credibility. Even then the product offers 2-month unconditional warranty and that creates trust that product High Performance Handbook will work and Eric Cressey isn’t some self-proclaimed fitness training guru of the internet.

It is not typical cookie-cutter system, so it will never force you to do exercises that you cannot do. You will get a customize training plan with complete video training just like a personal trainer at extremely affordable price.