Why should you visit the Top ENT Specialist Doctors in Singapore for Ear Nose Throat Disorder Treatment?

Have you been suffering from a cold that won’t go away? Then it might have been inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In medical terms, you may have sinusitis. That usually happens when the small openings between the sinuses and nasal cavity become blocked due to inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s natural response to allergies and infections. Diagnosing yourself with sinusitis may not sound like a challenge, but finding the real cause of the problem is one.

Inflammation of the sinuses can be a result of chronic allergies, a bacterial or fungal infection or a viral infection. The treatment is different from each of these causes.

Why should you visit a doctor in case of sinusitis?

We live in a world that we share with bacteria, fungi, allergens, and viruses. There are millions of bacteria around us. They are harmless for the greater part of the time until they find their way to the sinuses and cause inflammation. Upon blockage, the mucus builds up inside the sinuses and increases the pressure. They also provide the perfect culture medium for bacterial colonies. It can cause headache, congestion, cough, fever, facial and ear pain, and toothache.

The only person qualified enough to differentially diagnose sinusitis is your ENT. An ear, nose and throat specialist is a doctor, who has specialized in the physiology, pathology, and treatment of the ears, nose, and throat. That gives them the necessary knowledge to diagnose the diseases of these organs conclusively and prescribe the correct course of treatment for every patient. An individual with sinusitis can get better quickly with treatment that comes after early diagnosis. To learn more about expert ENTs in your city visit https://earnosethroat.com.sg/our-ent-specialist-singapore.

What are the different stages of sinusitis?

Depending on how long a person has been suffering from sinusitis, a doctor describes it as acute, sub-acute or chronic.

Acute sinusitis: acute sinusitis is when a person has been suffering from sinusitis that lasts less than a month. The majority of patients with acute sinusitis usually improve over time without medication. One of the most effective ways to unclog sinuses is nasal irrigation.

Subacute sinusitis: people with subacute sinusitis can get better with treatment. The duration of sub-acute sinusitis is between one to three months. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, the ENT can recommend nasal irrigation or antibiotics or both.

Chronic sinusitis: chronic sinusitis is when the attacks last longer than three months. Sometimes, people complain of sinus pain and clogging that last more than a year. Chronic sinusitis requires antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic drugs depending on the cause.

Preventing sinusitis is a challenge for most people residing in the city. The pollutants and allergens in the air make it difficult for anyone to keep their sinuses clean and free from congestion. You should consider visiting an ENT if you are suffering from recurrent headaches, facial aches, feelings of fullness in your ears and frequent nasal clogging. Visiting the right specialist can help you understand the root of your problem and avoid future recurrences of the condition.