You’ve Got An Abnormal Pap Test. Now What?

Pap smears and pap tests offer a lifesaving option for many women. Catching cancer in time can be the key between a full recovery and losing the battle. A lot of patients often take their test and go about their lives confident that nothing is wrong. When something does show up, the fear is real and sends some into panic mode. If you are one of the women dealing with abnormal test results from an ob-gyn in Frisco, TX, there are some things you can do right now as well as in the future to help.

Stay Calm

Most doctors will contact patients directly via phone. Text or email might be used if the patient requests so. Either way, be on the lookout for that all-important communication. If the doctor calls with the news, listen to everything they have to say. Make sure that you understand every detail and feel free to ask any questions as well. Above all, it pays to be calm and clear during this time. If you need to communicate with a loved one, do so but also ensure they can provide calm as opposed to more confusion.

During the call, the doctor will most likely want to schedule an appointment to follow up as soon as possible. The followup appointment is crucial to understanding what is going on and outlining the next steps. Try to take the first available time if possible to minimize the sleepless nights and chronic worrying that is sure to follow even with the most level headed patients. Meditation and breathing exercises are great to restore some balance and quiet all of those worries.

Focus On Getting Ready For The Appointment

The doctor may ask you to supply additional records about past medical histories if not already in their system. They could also be on the lookout for reasons you might have a test result of that nature. Take time to make a list of questions that might arise before the appointment. Plan for all possibilities, It might seem like the time to do research, but that can be a neverending set of resources full of symptoms and information with little to alleviate your worries. In fact, many doctors find self-diagnosing through the Internet to be a problem that hinders communication as well as trust between the medical professionals and their patients. Instead, you can always ask your doctor at the appointment instead.

On the day of the followup, try to choose comfortable clothing; it often helps patients who are concerned with the upcoming procedure. If possible, try to bring along a friend or family member to help you get to the appointment. More than just there for transportation, they can give you a positive source of caring and comfort at this time.

An abnormal pap test sends the mind reeling and can become a serious prognosis in some cases. Keep a level head and follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure you have the best level of care. It’s can make a difference no matter what lies down the road for your healthcare.