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Yoga for Beginners

Yoga has become quite a popular form of exercise in western cultures. The entire idea behind yoga is a holistic development of health in a person.

Yoga has its roots in Hinduism but the principles can be applied in a non religious way or to any other religion as it is a form of meditation. Its history dates back as far as 600 BC and it has survived and thrived even to the present.

The Health Benefits Of Yoga

  • Manages stress – When your brain perceives stress, it activates hormones and the nervous system to prepare your body for fighting or running away. This causes blood pressure to increase, blood glucose to increase, an increase in inflammatory substances and an increased heart rate. Yoga acts at the common point, which is the brain. By causing the brain to perceive decreased stress, it causes the reverse of the fight or flight reaction which causes all of the opposite effects of the above to occur. This may be why moms in particular are drawn to yoga, as they juggle many forms of stress throughout the day. Having a few yoga moves in your arsenal can help when you’re in the middle of a toddler tantrum. You can learn other coping techniques and find out more at Mommy Authority.


  • Maintains physical and emotional health – It have been proven that exercise is crucial for our well-being. Interestingly, studies have shown that yoga is even better than exercise at maintaining physical and emotional health.

Getting Started

After deciding to try yoga, getting started is quite simple. The best way to get started is to attend a local yoga class near you, which may be held at a gym or at a yoga studio. The only measure to be wary about is the qualifications of the person instructing, which should be readily available to you upon your request. If the qualifications don’t seem sufficient or the instructor refuses to share them, then it is probably best to attend a different yoga class. Yoga classes are also often typed by the level of the people attending so make sure to attend a beginner’s class.

A cheaper option might be to buy a home yoga workout video but there are a few drawbacks to this. There may be a lack of variety and no one being present to correct you if you are doing the exercise wrong or to recommend a more suitable exercise. If you choose this option, the qualifications of the instructor are still important.

It is not recommended to try to learn yoga from internet websites which only show pictures of the poses as these are not sufficient to show the precision of a specific yoga exercise. The live classes also offer the correct environment for the holistic meditative method of doing the yoga exercises.


It’s a great idea to consider yoga as part of your weekly routine because while working on your body’s muscles and improving your general health, you are also setting your mind right and developing a positive attitude. The best way to get started is to attend a reasonably priced class located close to you. Since yoga is quite popular, it will probably not be difficult to find such a class.