Working Out In The Time Of Corona

In March 2020 the Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. Since then, the WHO and CDC have urged people to adhere to social distancing norms and not leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Anyone who is suspected of contracting the virus must stay in quarantine for 14 days. In such a time, everyday activities have been halted or greatly changed. If you are a fitness fanatic who is worried about not being able to go to the gym, then know that you don’t have to stop working out entirely. As with everything else, you just have to be careful while working out during a pandemic. The following are some helpful tips in this regard.

Why Even Exercise?

You might be thinking that in this time of panic, why even bother exercising? Why not just watch Netflix all day while eating pizza? Well, the simple answer is that you will either come out of quarantine with the body you have always wanted or a body that needs a lot of work. Being locked at home has given you a lot of free time, why not use it to make yourself healthier and more physically fit. Besides, exercise is known to relieve stress and promote more peaceful sleep. Now isn’t that something that would be definitely helpful when you are anxious about Corona?

Get Some Sanitizer

Before you even think of working out, you should get some sanitizer. Why? Because you will be touching a lot of surfaces and all of them might be infected. You might think that if you are in your home you are perfectly safe but that’s not the case. Even if one family member went outside, they could have brought the virus with them. 

Now imagine they touched your dumbells and you use them for working out, you will get infected. So always wipe everything with a sanitizer before you touch it. You can get some really good sanitizers over at



Morning Walk Outside

Every fitness fanatic knows that before working out you must warm up and most people’s preferred method is running or walking. Now, if you are social distancing that does not mean you cannot go outside for a simple walk. There is, however, some care to be taken about walking outside. Firstly try to stay on your own property as much as you can, if you have a lawn, limit yourself to it. If not, go around your neighborhood but remain 6 feet away from all other people. Remember to never leave the house without your mask. 

At-Home Workouts

Now that you are warmed up and back inside the house, what to do? First is the precautions, make sure your workout area is completely clean, if you use a yoga mat it should be sterilized. Now, you can do simple workouts that will keep you active without putting a strain or requiring specialized equipment. These include squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, and burpees. You should research about the specific sequence of these exercises. You can even just walk up and down the stairs if you don’t feel like doing a full workout. 

Workout Videos

You might not be comfortable taking charge of your exercise routine. Maybe it is just the habit of having a trainer to guide you, or maybe you just started working out and are confused. Worry not, the internet is full of specialized courses that guide you to a fit and healthy body. You can simply watch some fitness gurus on Youtube, or try a proper course like the OrangeTheory website, Rumble on Instagram, or Freehouse Fitness Studio’s daily workout videos. These videos or courses will provide you structure and also keep you motivated as they mimic the feeling of working out in a group.  

How Much To Exercise?

You might be wondering how much exercise each day is needed for you to be healthy. The answer depends largely on your fitness goals if you are trying to get a six-pack, you might have to work a little harder then the person who is just looking to lose some belly fat. But there are still some general guidelines that everyone should follow for the purpose of staying active and fit. An adult should get at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. This means anything like walking or running that gets your blood pumping is a good choice. 


Exercise is a great way to stay fit and active and in troubling times, it also helps alleviate anxiety. You can do a lot for your fitness without ever going to the gym. What you need is conviction and the discipline to make a routine and stick to it. It is hard to work out in the place you normally relax in, so designate a separate spot for your workouts. Be mindful of social distancing rules, use your sanitizer, and exercise, you will be ripped in no time!