Women Health and Wellness

Shelnutt Gynecology is an Athens, GA gynecologist center. Most women overlook their health when trying to balance various societal demands. The center aims at improving health and wellness in women across Athens and the wider Georgia area. Shelnutt Gynecology provides quality care to women by ensuring that their visits to the hospital are comfortable for them. Judson Shellnut is the managing director at this OB/GYN center. Women of all ages are welcome for services at the center. The providers at the center ensure individualized care for their patients.

About Professionals

Dr. Shellnut graduated with a degree in medicine at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Shellnutt is board-certified and has vast knowledge in women’s healthcare practice; having an experience of more than two decades. Other providers include Marybeth Delay, a medical assistant with the center. Katrina Hantus is a personal assistant. Erin Rogan is the center’s office receptionist, whereas Brianna Martin is in charge of scheduling and billing. All these providers are highly-experienced in OB/GYN practices and techniques. Dr. Shellnut ensures that he incorporates advanced medical technology, to meet the needs of his patients through his practices.

About Services

The center aims at offering women healthcare services. Dr. Shellnut leads a team of medical practitioners in emphasizing patient education. Before the providers administer any form of treatment, they first do a proper diagnosis of your condition. The center also offers consultation services for women if you need any advice on your pregnancy, reproductive health, and sexual life.

The providers offer menopause healthcare, premenstrual syndrome, novasure, and heavy bleeding. Some of the services provided include hormone therapy and birth control procedures. The medical practitioners at Shellnutt Gynecology ensure proper diagnosis through advanced medical techniques, such as the incorporation of Pap smear.

Blog Articles

Dr. Shellnut posts blog articles on the center’s website to teach patients and the general public on various services the center offers. These articles also educate women on how to maintain their general health when trying to balance other activities. The blog posts include an article on why premenstrual syndrome is problematic, understanding the hormonal changes during birth control, tips to managing menopause, etc. An article on the steps to take after abnormal results of a pap smear acts as an excellent guide to OB/GYN patients. Through the blogs, Dr. Shellnut also advises women on healthy lifestyle choices to maintain their health and wellness.


Shellnut Gynecology appreciates and values reviews from their valued clients. To date, the center boasts a 4.81 out of 5-star rating on 31 collected reviews. Visit the center’s website to check out testimonials from patients about the center’s services and providers.

How to Contact the Center

Patients can reach the center through mobile, or book for an online appointment. Conveniently, if you are living in Athens, you can pay a visit to the center’s locality. Note that the facility is open from Monday to Friday, starting from 8 am to 5 pm, except for Friday when the center operates until midday. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about the center, you can send a message through the center’s website.

To sum up, Shellnut Gynecology is one of the best gynecology centers. The medical practitioners at the center provide top-notch services to women across all ages. Dr. Shellnut and his team aim at improving the health and wellness of women in Athens. Schedule an appointment with the center if you need any OB/GYN services.