Why You Should Choose Medical Facials over Spa Facial Treatments

Medical facials give attention to different skin conditions leaving you with the desired results, and you can get it at a surgeon’s office. Facials done at spas have ingredients that focus on pampering the skin and soothing, unlike medical facials that have potent ingredients that heal the skin. Medical facials utilize a clinical approach to healing the skin by use of prescription-based ingredients and laser therapy. People with severe conditions might also opt for microdermabrasion, which is accompanied by medical facial treatment. Treating your face helps you heal different skin issues that are related to acne and skin damage, find an expert in medical facials in Sarasota that meets your needs.

Why Medical Facials Are Better For the Skin

  •       They Reach Deeper

The skin is vast and extensive, and what we see is just the top layer, and a traditional facial might not reach deep into the layers of the skin compared to a medical facial. You can achieve a glow if you treat the deeper layers of the skin using a medical facial.

  •       They Are Customized For The Skin

Spa facial treatments come in different varieties but do not treat all your conditions; customized medical facials are useful for specific skin types. A dermatologist offering a medical facial treatment will analyze your skin fast and note any abnormalities. They also look out for the texture and skin type first before formulating a facial that works best for you. You will, therefore, receive a personal treatment for your condition and skin type.

  •       Works On Cellular Level

Usually, skin could take about four weeks to shed completely, but medical facial treatment helps accelerate the process. It also helps to soothe and heal the skin within a short time giving you the desired results.

Advantages of Undertaking Medical Facial Treatments

  •       Complete Skin Analysis

Skin analysis is not something that you can get at your local salon but the surgeon’s office. Skin analysis points out any issues you might have and helps you understand your skin from a medical perspective. The analysis touches on skin aspects such as the PH and texture; this might help you in formulating a skincare routine in the future.

  •       Exfoliation

Your skin is more receptive to medical facial, leading to deep exfoliation, making it healthy. Exfoliation helps with the removal of dead cells and help deal with sunburns and acne.

  •       Steaming

Before applying medical facial, your cosmetician will likely steam your skin, steam helps open pores and soften debris. It removes any particles that have accumulated on the skin and helps boost blood circulation, which contributes to healthy skin.

  •       Deep Hydration And Sun Protection

Medical facials allow moisturizers to sink deep into the skin when you use a suitable face mask, thus treating dry skin. The medical facial mask also has SPF factors that protect your skin from harmful UV sun rays.


When your skin is prone to sunburn, aging-related issues, and acne, it is prudent to choose a medical facial over regular spa facials. Medical facials help hydrate the skin and do away with most of the skin issues while protecting you from harmful UV rays.