Why Sleep Is Essential When Exercising

Our body needs sleep to recover and recuperate after a day of processing new information and even more so after exercise. Exercise uses up vital stores of energy and we need time to build this back up and rest our muscles. The less sleep we have, the more it will affect our mind and body and therefore our overall performance. If you are beginning a new workout routine or training for something, sleep is essential, here is why.

Rest and Recovery

You don’t build muscle in the gym, you build muscle when you rest and recover afterwards. Recovering is essential when exercising to get the best out of your workouts. You should get the recommended eight hours or more for your body to recuperate and to ensure that you can work out better, rather than feeling overtired and lacking energy. Sleep not only helps you gain muscle, it is also essential for a healthy mind and attitude towards working out. When we don’t get enough sleep, we may start to pass on our gym sessions and this can lead to lack of motivation.


To get the best out of each workout, you need to sleep between sessions. Even though you may only need 6 hours sleep a night, when you start exercising, you will need more as your body is going through more. You need to learn to plan your day to get enough sleep as well as working and going to the gym or exercising. People often get up earlier to exercise to fit it into their day, but there must be some compromise, as doing this over and over will affect your performance and you won’t get as much from your workouts regardless. Muscle recovery is needed to make the best out of each workout.

Sleeping Tips After a Workout

When you are exercising you will need moresleep than usual, and having a routine can help you feel rested and able to get up in the morning when your muscles are aching. If you can, try and sleep and wake up around the same time every day, including weekends. This isn’t always possible, especially for those on shift work, therefore try and keep to similar times and having a routine that you do before sleep no matter what time you go to bed. Having a good mattress, pillows and a comfortable king size duvet covers can all aid in how well rested we feel, as sleeping on an old mattress will only leave us waking up feeling sorer. Ensure the room is quiet and dark and don’t have phones in bed, this stops us from having a good quality of sleep.

Sleep and exercise work together hand in hand to give us the best performance and get the most out of each and every workout. If it means sacrificing a workout once a week to get enough sleep, this will improve your other workouts and keep you in a better mental and physical state.