Why Liposuction May Be Your Best Option

Liposuction is the ideal body contouring treatment for people with stable body weight but excess fat in specific places; these refer to the buttocks, abdomen, calves, ankles, chin, etc. Uneven body weight can make one lose self-confidence. If you cannot seem to remove these chunks of unwanted fat from your body through exercise, liposuction may be your best option.

The best part about liposuction in Shreveport is that it is a one-time treatment, and the results can be seen instantly. However, speak with your doctor before opting for this treatment, as not everyone is the right candidate for it. Discussing potential side effects and risks with a certified plastic surgeon is recommended.

Benefits of Liposuction:

  • It is a safe procedure. 

Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure. Your doctor makes minor incisions on the areas of concern and injects anesthetic fluid to numb the area. A cannula (small tube) is inserted inside the incision, and your doctor applies the suction to remove fat from your body. The entire process involves minimal incisions; therefore, you do not require stitches. Most clients get back to their normal life within a day or two. 

  • The results are long-lasting. 

Liposuction directly removes pure fat from your body and is a one-time solution for your excess fat. The results of liposuction can last for a long time if you maintain your fat intake. While exercising and dieting are good practices for a healthy body, it is usually not guaranteed if you hope to achieve your dream body. Moreover, the process takes a lot of time. 

  • It improves mobility. 

Excess body fat in certain areas of your body, such as your legs, thighs, and abdomen, can limit your mobility or make it difficult for you to move from one place to another for a long time. Removing excess fat gives you an even body weight which leads to better mobility and posture. 

  • It improves your appearance and can boost your self-esteem. 

Even though society should not judge people based on their appearance, many people do. Because of how your body looks, you may be perceived differently by people which can significantly lower your self-esteem. Liposuction improves your body image by giving you a more contoured look. 

  • It can potentially motivate patients to lead healthier lifestyles. 

Let’s be honest. Most people who go through liposuction are the ones who either never tried dieting and exercising for weight loss or were unsuccessful in the process. Liposuction sucks the fat from your body and gives you instant results, potentially motivating many patients to follow a healthier diet and exercise daily. The procedure impacts a person’s appearance physically, and they are often inspired to keep it that way.