Why Is a Physical Exam Important?

Did you know a physical exam is essential for the prevention and treatment of various health issues? It includes your annual health check-up or wellness exam. It helps evaluate your health and detect any strange symptoms or health concerns.

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What Is a Physical Exam?

A physical exam helps check out your general health and well-being. It does not involve a lot of things and takes less time.

It is essential to ask your provider questions, especially about any unusual symptoms or issues you might be experiencing.

Why Is a Physical Exam Important?

The team at StatMD uses physical exams for various reasons, including to:

  •         Check for potentially serious conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  •         Determine your diet and exercise habits.
  •         Update necessary immunizations.
  •         Create a relationship with you.
  •         Refill prescription medication.

A physical exam may also involve laboratory tests for blood samples to determine your risk of other health issues, such as hormonal deficiencies.

What to Expect During a Physical Exam?

It is critical to have an idea of what is required during a physical exam. StatMD Urgent Care recommends you bring the following items:

  •         Names and contact information of previous doctors.
  •         Medical and surgical history.
  •         List of medications and supplements you take.
  •         List of questions you might have.
  •         Symptoms you are experiencing.
  •         Results from any medical tests.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing to your appointment for an easier time during the examination.

What Does a Physical Exam Involve?

A physical exam at StatMD Urgent Care starts with your provider asking a set of questions, such as any underlying health problem or if you have allergies. There may also be questions about your lifestyle, including your diets, smoking or drinking habits, and exercise routine.

Your provider also inspects your throat, nose, ears, and eyes using a bright light. The next part is your skin, where he scans for any unusual moles or growths. The next part involves lying down to allow your provider to feel your body organs to identify their size and location.

In case of anything abnormal, he requests an X-ray or MRI.              

The other part of your physical exam involves:

  •       Blood pressure- Normal blood pressure should be less than 120 over less than 80.
  •       Respiratory rate- A healthy person should have 12 to 16 breaths per minute.
  •       Heart rate- Normal heart rates normally range between 60 and 100.
  •       Temperature- The average body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gender screenings, which include breast and pelvic exams for females and testicular and prostate exams for males.

Your general appearance may also tell a lot about your health—the appearance of your skin, your walking, memory sharpness, among others.

Your body weight and height are also important factors in your physical exam.

Contact a Physical Exam Specialist Today

 A physical exam helps evaluate your health by checking for any strange symptoms to prevent any health issues. It is essential to have your physical exam every year, even when feeling healthy. Call StatMD Urgent Care today to schedule your appointment for a physical exam.