Why Hire an Assault Lawyer in Vancouver for sexual harassment case?

Have you decided to plead guilty or not guilty to assault charges? Whatever your decision is, you must get legal advice and representation from an experienced assault Lawyer. Your legal representation can change the outcome of your case. The following are the reasons to work with this type of lawyer:

Minimise the Stress you Must Handle

Because of frequent changes in the law and the occurrence of complex problems. It takes years of experience to become a criminal defence lawyer. By engaging an expert of cases that involve assault in Vancouver, you will save yourself a serious amount of stress, worry, and time. In fact, you can also reduce disruption to your work and personal life.

Minimise your Exposure to Risk

Not engaging with an assault lawyer may cost you more. Without legal representation, you expose yourself to the risk of disastrous outcomes like being falsely charged, being found guilty when you are innocent, being sent to prison, being disqualified from getting a driver’s licence, and other consequences. Experienced assault lawyers can assist you to avoid these kinds of outcomes.

Ensure Your Bail Application is Presented Properly

As you wait for your trial or your assault charges to be finalized, you don’t want to be remanded in custody. If the court refuses your bail application, it cannot be reheard before the same court unless there is a change of circumstances. Thus, you must get it right the first time. An assault lawyer will help prepare and present your bail application properly and will concentrate on the issues that must be addressed when arguing for your release from custody.

Present Correct Evidence

The rules of evidence in a criminal trial can be complex. For instance, unrepresented persons usually ask questions that don’t comply with the rules of evidence. But, a great assault lawyer knows the questions that must be put to a witness and how to frame the question. Also, they can present legal arguments to the court about why a line of questioning is relevant and must be allowed. They have a strategic plan for the cross-examination of certain witnesses that can change the case’s outcome.

Determine Deficiencies in the Prosecution Case

Reputable assault lawyers can identify weaknesses in the opposition’s case before the matter gets to trial. As they prepare for the trial, they can determine evidence that is admissible. They will get in touch with the prosecution before trial and make sure that they will not lead or adduce this evidence during the trial.