Why Choose Ketamine Infusion Therapy Over Prescription Drugs?

Are you a military veteran battling feelings of hopelessness or have thoughts of committing suicide? Then you may want to seek the assistance of the team at Military Matters Ketamine Clinic of Colorado. Recent studies suggest that up to 30% of former and current military officers are battling mental issues such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, mood disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression in Colorado Springs. But if they seek help before it gets worse, there is hope that all will not be lost. Read on to find out why ketamine infusion therapy is significant in treating some of these conditions.

What happens during ketamine therapy?

Your doctor can only recommend the therapy once they have diagnosed you for depression or any other mental illness. Then they will administer it through an IV infusion in the arm. Your appointment for this therapy may take between one and three hours, depending on your condition and the number of appointments. For severe cases, the procedure may be done once a week to once a month. Whatever the case, you can start to enjoy a single dose’s full benefits within 24 hours. That explains why it is the best alternative treatment/medication approved for hospitals and clinics as an anesthetic.

Is ketamine infusion therapy really helpful?

Military veterans have faced countless life-threatening situations throughout their careers. The thought of going out to the battlefield to fight for your country is enough to send nightmares and repeated flashbacks your way. Consequently, you may suffer from chronic pain, suicidal thoughts, depression, or PTSD. Fortunately, ketamine infusion treatment is a safe and effective way to relieve you of your mental problems.

Initially, doctors often prescribed over-the-counter medications to help patients manage these conditions. However, most patients experienced various side effects, while others took too long to enjoy the remedy’s benefits. However, with low-dose ketamine, you will receive quick relief regardless of how severe your condition is. Since the therapy is safe, you can rest assured that you won’t have to face the side effects other drugs expose you to.

The specialists at Military Matters Ketamine Clinic of Colorado offer affordable infusions that are safe to use and aid in treatment for various conditions. After the therapy, you will start feeling the effects, giving you the chance to enjoy your life.

Depression doesn’t need to affect your quality of life

While serving your country is a noble thing, you can never underestimate the feelings and emotions that come with executing your duties. Even as you try to live everyday life, it is prudent to ensure you care for your wellbeing. Fortunately, there is no need to miss out on another moment of your life. You can always get help from highly-trained medical officers in Colorado and other states in the US. Call your ketamine specialists to learn more about how the therapy is conducted and how it can benefit you.