Which conditions Medical Marijuana Can Treat Easily?

According to Dispensary Tucson, Medical Marijuana can treat easily and gives health benefits also.

Marijuana has always been much criticized by the media for its playful use. However, in recent years the movement that is fighting for the medical uses of this plant has grown. Today, legal marijuana for medicinal purposes is on the rise. 

Read this article carefully but above all to spread it. It is right that this information is available to everyone, were contrary to the rest of the world, repression, and prohibition against a substance that, as this article shows, could revolutionize modern medicine continues.

·        Brain cancer

The latest confirmation of the anticancer properties of cannabis comes from the FDA who admitted that some cannabis-derived substances would be able to counteract the most severe forms of brain cancer, even reducing the size of tumors. These substances would facilitate the action of radiation therapy on cancer cells. In any case, the FDA has not yet given the green light to cannabis. He has not yet recognized the marijuana plant as real medicine. Here more information.

·        Schizophrenia

Cannabis could have an anti-psychotic effect. The team of experts has decided to implement a treatment that can be used to treat psychosis and related diseases, such as schizophrenia. 

·        Aids

A recent study has focused on the possibility of using marijuana to counteract the virus that causes AIDS. The study noted that one of the most important and known active ingredients of cannabis, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), is able to protect cells from the damage caused by the HIV virus. It is not allowed to experience the effects of Marijuana on human beings suffering from AIDS. Therefore we do not know if the results obtained by the experts in the laboratory can be repeated in an identical way on humans.

·        Anxiety and stress

According to the research conducted in recent years, cannabis for therapeutic use would have the ability to alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. The cannabinoids, the active compound of cannabis, would, in fact, be able to block the sense of anxiety caused by traumatic episodes if taken within 24 hours from the occurrence of the stressful episode. According to experts, marijuana does not erase the traumatic episode but prevents the development of symptoms related to post-traumatic stress. Here more information.

·        Neurological damage and cognitive deficits

Research conducted by experts has shown that low doses of THC could protect our brain from severe neurological damage and cognitive deficits. Research shows that very low doses of the active ingredient can be exploited, 1,000 to 10,000 times lower than the quantities present in a joint, for the protection of the brain and in order to preserve cognitive functions over time. Here more information.

·        Diabetes and obesity

Cannabis, in therapeutic doses, could be useful to treat obese patients who risk diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. According to a study, two compounds found in cannabis leaves – THC and Cannabidiol – can increase the amount of energy the body burns by helping to treat two types of diabetes and reducing blood cholesterol and fat in some organs, primarily in the liver. Here more information.

·        Tumors and metastases

Scientists have discovered how a derivative of marijuana is able to prevent the formation of metastases in many of the most aggressive forms of cancer, drastically reducing the mortality rate. The research has passed the experimental phase in the laboratory and would be waiting for the green light to experiment on humans. Here more information. It is best solution for lot of other health issues.