When You Know Its Time To Utilize An Inpatient Program

If you’re struggling with addiction, you may know that several options are available to help you overcome this challenge. Treatment of addiction is mainly split into inpatient or outpatient programs. While both offer valuable assistance for the person who wants to transform their life, each one is unique. Here are some ways to know when you need to choose an inpatient program.

You’ve Tried Other Treatment Options

Many times, a person struggling with addiction will try the easiest and quickest treatment program first. You may seek help with a 12-step program or another outpatient treatment plan. If this plan fails once, or multiple times, it’s often a sign that an alternate solution is necessary.

Relapse is common with addiction, but it brings an additional challenge. When a person relapses, it makes recovery harder the next time. Even if an outpatient program was successful the first time around, a second time seeking treatment may require inpatient care to help with the feelings of failure many people experience.

You’ve Been Addicted a Long Time

If you’ve been addicted to a substance for a long time, or been using a high amount, you may need inpatient care. The longer you’ve been addicted or the more you’re using, the more difficult it will be to obtain sobriety.

As a person who’s been addicted for a long time, you may experience more severe symptoms of withdrawal, and the process often lasts longer. In these situations, it can be tempting to start using again for relief. In a residential inpatient program, you have the support of staff around the clock to ensure you have the care you need while detoxing your body.

You Don’t Have Outside Support

One of the costs of addiction is the loss of family and friend support. People who struggle with addiction often isolate themselves to feed an addiction, which can result in losing a job, a divorce, or even the loss of children. Often you have no one to turn to, which can leave you feeling more lost and alone.

With an inpatient program, you are surrounded by a community at all times who wants to see you succeed. You are able to attend meetings whenever you feel the need. You are part of groups who will cheer you on, encourage you, and even admonish you when you need to get back in the right mindset. With an inpatient addiction program, you never have to feel alone.

You’ve Forgotten How to Live

One of the consequences of addiction is that it can take over your life. You can become obsessive about your addiction, and consumed by the thoughts of your next fix. With an inpatient treatment program, you can begin to learn how to live again. You’ll get back into routines, take time to experience life, and have fun.

An addiction recovery center may offer alternative treatments like equine therapy, massages, and even a gym where you can work out and get in shape. They host activities where you can meet and mingle with other recovering addicts.

Consider an Inpatient Program

An inpatient treatment program offers many benefits. Consider these reasons when deciding if it’s the right choice for your recovery.

Meta description: An inpatient addiction treatment program may be the best option for those with a serious or long-term addiction.