When to Get Dental Implants

There are different dental problems to address when having a dental implant. However, irrespective of the dental condition, it is crucial to have a professional for the procedure. A qualified professional like Hilliard implant dentist is the right call in improving your dental health.

In case you’re wondering when to undergo a dental implant, here’s a quick guide for you.

Is Your Tooth Broken?

Perhaps you had a fall last week when coming home from work. Unfortunately, your tooth broke. Not only was the fall painful, but it also left you with a considerable loss. Losing your teeth can affect your day-to-day life. For instance, you can no longer smile like you used to. Additionally, chewing becomes a problem, especially if the broken tooth was a molar or premolar.

On the other hand, breaking your incisors and canines can affect your ability to bite and also pronounce some words. A dental implant addresses the need by mirroring your natural-looking teeth in functionality and even appearance.

Bone Loss

Losing your teeth affects your general facial appearance. After a tooth loss, your jawbone starts to recede gradually with the lost tooth’s root gap. As a result, your surrounding teeth also become unstable. Your dentist will install a dental implant in your jawbone. The benefit of the procedure is promoting their fusion between the jaw bone and the implants.

And that’s just one side to the story. The surrounding teeth also become more stable, and you avoid the occurrence of bone loss to your jaw. Bone loss affects your jaw’s stability and distorts your facial structure. You may have a sunken look. However, there is good news. You can restore your facial appearance after getting a dental implant.

Tooth Decay

The primary focus of your dentist before installing a dental implant is to save your teeth. However, sometimes you might have an extreme tooth decay that is beyond fixing. In such a scenario, your dentist will opt for a tooth extraction to avoid further loss.

After the removal, you will have a dental implant to replace your tooth. The benefit of getting a dental implant is they mimic your natural-looking teeth. Furthermore, severely decayed teeth can cause severe pain, even giving you headaches.

What If You Have Dentures?

You might have previously opted to get dentures. However, sometimes you may tend to experience difficulties, especially if the dentures are ill-fitting. As a result, you have problems properly chewing your food.

Additionally, you also always worry about your dentures falling off. Such fears will limit you from going about your day to day life activities. In my experience, dental implants will give you a permanent solution to your dental needs in such a scenario.

Anytime you experience difficulties in chewing your food correctly, it’s a significant sign to consider getting dental implants. Additionally, having a qualified dentist will help you avoid problems after the procedure. Such problems can include pain and extreme discomfort, inability to chew food properly, and also inflammation to the gum.