When Is It Okay to Start Running Again Following an Ankle Fracture?

When a runner injures their ankle, they often cannot wait to get back to running normally. Unfortunately, a serious break can sideline a person for quite some time. Serious ankle fractures often require surgical intervention so plates and screws can be put in place to hold the bones together until they heal. Those who have suffered from such a complex injury often want to know when they can get back to the sport they love.

Ankle Fractures Create Serious Injuries

When someone experiences a major ankle fracture, they often need physiotherapy brampton. Multiple issues can lead to an ankle fracture. When an ankle is broken, it leaves the entire foot vulnerable and weakened.

Ankle fractures can be partial or complete. A partial fracture does not break through the entire bone, while a complete one does. This type of fracture most often occurs at the tibia or fibula point. The bones can break cleanly or in pieces. When the bone breaks in pieces, reconstructive surgery is often necessary.

Complete fractures often need surgery to hold the bones together until they heal. Even if surgery is not needed, individuals will likely be required to wear a cast for several weeks.

Causes of Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures can happen at any age and most often occur because of athletic activity or a fall. The following are some common reasons people suffer from ankle fracture injuries. No matter the cause, seeking the right medical care is paramount.

  •       Twisting, rotation, or rolling of the ankle
  •       Impact stress from a fall
  •       Impact stress from a car accident

When someone fractures their ankle, they often feel immediate and severe pain at the point of breakage. There will often also be bruising at the fracture site and, eventually, swelling. Immediate medical care should be sought when such an injury occurs.

How Soon Can a Person Get Back to Running

In the beginning, individuals will not be able to place any weight on their ankles, making walking difficult. Unfortunately, this type of injury can be severe and require a lengthy healing process. Most people will be unable to run again for at least eight weeks while giving their bones time to heal.

A physical therapist can help individuals strengthen their ankles after a serious break so they can get back to running again as soon as possible. It is important to give the ankle time to heal properly. Trying to run too soon can lead to further injuries which could require ongoing treatment and a long recovery process. It is best not to rush the recovery period and follow the doctor’s orders, for proper healing.


For a runner, an ankle break can bring on a lot of stress, but it is possible to get back to doing what they love after healing. The healing process takes time, but it is integral for ensuring the bones fuse back together and mend correctly.

Seeing a physical therapist can aid runners in their recovery processes. Although a physical therapist may not be able to help a person run again as fast as they would like, these medical professionals can assist individuals in keeping their ankles strong as they heal.

Once the cast comes off, the therapist will help with strengthening exercises that will assist individuals in getting back to their runs as soon as possible. By following the directions of the doctor and therapist, individuals will experience far fewer setbacks with their recovery.