What You Should Know About Dental Implants

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One of the dental solutions offered at the clinic is dental implants. More people are choosing dental implants as a solution but very few know much about them. This article seeks to change that and tell you a few interesting things about dental implants such as:

Preserve Remaining Teeth

A common solution for replacing missing teeth is to use fixed bridges. It includes filing down nearby teeth so that the bridge can fit the space of the missing tooth. That can have adverse consequences on your teeth.

It makes them weaker and increases the spaces between teeth. Bacteria can inhabit those spaces which will lead to tooth decay.

When you get dental implants, nothing happens to your regular, healthy teeth. They will function the same way a naturally made tooth would.

Prevent Bone Loss

The moment you lose a tooth, the area under it starts to atrophy and decay. The reason is that your jawbone is no longer receiving the activation it used to when there was a tooth above it.

When you get a dental implant, you get the roots of your missing tooth replaced which will act as the root of a regular tooth. Your jawbone will get the stimulation it needs and it can retain its bone density.

Make chewing Easier

A dental implant is designed to mimic a natural tooth as much as possible. Therefore, when you chew with a dental implant, it feels the same as chewing with your own teeth; very natural.

When you receive other dental solutions such as dentures, you are restricted from eating certain types of food like crunchy foods. Chewing your food is crucial for proper digestion and overall health.

Not Meant for Everyone

Despite the high success rates and the natural appearance of dental implants, they are not a dental solution for everyone. To find out if a dental implant is the appropriate dental solution for you, you should consult several dentists beforehand.

An example of people who should not get dental implants is those with severe bone loss. In such cases, other treatments may be done to ensure that the patient has enough jaw bone strength before the procedure is conducted.

Have High Success Rates

 As far as dental solutions are concerned, they always seem to break down. Fillings always seem to come loose or dentures to need replacement.

The opposite is the case with dental implants. Once you get a dental implant, you should be good to go for the rest of your life.

Result in a Natural Appearance

Dental implants are the best dental solution as far as your looks are concerned. The implant is made to mimic your natural tooth so your appearance will look equally natural.

As opposed to other dental solutions like braces that are so easily noticeable and significantly alter your appearance. Only your dentist will know that it is not a real tooth.