What You Ought to Know About COVID 19 Testing

Today, COVID 19, an inflammation caused by the newly discovered novel coronavirus, has become a pandemic affecting the entire globe. The disease is infectious, spreading rapidly, and no one is safe. If you are concerned you might be exposed to the virus, the best thing to do is to go for testing in a trusted medical facility. Medical experts at Live Urgent Care offer Covid testing in Princeton, NJ, and can help you. Several tests can help you know if you are contagious and help you get peace of mind.

Rapid PCR COVID 19 Testing

This is a group of screening procedures that are done to diagnose the novel coronavirus. It is one of the standard COVID 19 tests used globally. It involves using a long thin Q-tip to swab your throat or nose and analyze the sample in-house to detect any viral protein presence. Different types of PCR tests can be used. Still, to increase the chances of a highly accurate diagnosis and rapid turnaround times, all tests offer the nucleic acid amplification (NAAT) test. The tests include:

Cepheid GeneXpert Express Test

This test is also known as a reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction, and, so far, it is considered the gold standard. This is because it offers accurate results in about 20-38 minutes. It can detect the novel coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, and influenza A and B. the test is approved for both international and domestic flight testing.

Abbott ID Now

This is a molecular assay that detects viral RNA or nucleic acids’ presence in the upper respiratory tract and only tests for the noble coronavirus. The test does not require a polymerase chain reaction follow up and it provides results within 3-13 minutes.

Why Undergo Rapid PCR COVID 19 Testing

As mentioned earlier, it is good to consider a COVID 19 test if you are concerned about your exposure. Moreover, you should go for testing if:

  •       You are on the contact tracing list
  •       You have symptoms related to COVID 19
  •       You have recently attended an event with large crowds or gatherings
  •       You have been around someone with COVID 19

After testing, you will be required to self-quarantine at home until your results are out.

COVID 19 Antibody Testing

This is a quick and convenient way to determine if you have had the novel coronavirus. The test utilizes blood screening, where a blood sample is corrected from one of your fingers after a prick and sent to the laboratory for evaluations. This can show if you have had COVID 19 in the near past as your body takes about two to three weeks to create antibodies after infection. Therefore, instead of diagnosing your current condition, this test analyzes your body for antibodies which are the proteins defending your body from harmful invaders.

Why it is Done

You can benefit from COVID 19 Antibody testing for various reasons. If you have experienced COVID 19 symptoms in the past, antibody testing can be recommended to determine if the noble coronavirus infected you. Other reasons include:

  •       You had Covid 19 in the past, but you want to donate plasma
  •       You have undergone a medical procedure at a clinic or a hospital in the past year
  •       You are concerned about the multi-inflammatory syndrome in your child.

If you are worried about your exposure to the noble coronavirus, please don’t wait to book a Live Urgent Care testing appointment. Learn your status and beat the anxiety.