What You Need To Know About Your Aligner Impression Kit

Have you been researching invisible aligners and found that they may be the right solution for your teeth alignment issues? These aligners have many benefits, but the most beneficial may be their convenience. If you work with a direct-to-consumer aligner company, you can do everything from home. You don’t have to visit an orthodontist at any point during your treatment programme. However, this programme typically starts with an impression kit. These are things you should know about your kit.

What it Is

An impression kit, or straightening kit, is a box you receive from your aligner company. The purpose is to get a good impression of your teeth so that your aligners can be created and your programme can be built. The aligner kit will help the in-house orthodontists determine how far your teeth need to be moved and how long it will take.

Each kit should arrive with an instruction book that includes a video link. You will also receive up to four impression trays and a set of two different putty packages for each tray. Your kit will include surgical or vinyl gloves for you to wear as you mix the putty and make your impressions. You should also receive a smile stretcher and instructions for taking photos of your teeth. Finally, the company should send you a return shipping box so you can send your impressions back for analysis.

You Need a Clean Mouth

To get a proper impression, you need a clean mouth. Therefore, brush your teeth for approximately two minutes. Make sure you get every tooth and space. You need to remove every bit of food from your teeth and between them, so you also need to floss. Finally, swish your mouth with mouthwash. This final step should loosen any particles that still remain on or between your teeth.

Your Trays Need To Fit Properly

Now that your mouth is clean, take your first tray and test it in your mouth. Test both your top and bottom teeth. The tray should cover all your teeth completely. Not only should you not see white showing above the plastic tray, but it should reach back behind your molars as well.

The tray should be somewhat roomy. It should never pinch or push your teeth around when it is empty. At this point, you are either ready for the putty, or you need to contact your aligner company for a different set of trays.

Impression Preparation

Prepare your trays. First, combine one of both types of putty. Mix it until the colour is uniform, approximately 30 seconds or less, but avoid mixing it too much or it will harden before you can create your impressions. Roll your putty into a snake-like shape between your hands and set it into your first tray gently. You can press slightly to fill the tray.

Creating Your Impressions

This step is crucial. You need to align your teeth into the centre of the tray. Then, push your teeth into the tray until the putty is slightly over your gums, but don’t let your teeth meet the bottom of the tray. You want putty all around your teeth, including under them. Hold the impression in place without adding force or biting down.

Set a timer. Your instructions should tell you how long you need to hold the tray in place to get a good impression. Typically, this is somewhere between two and four minutes. You want your impression to be solid but not stick too hard to your teeth, so pay attention to the time. Then, when your timer goes off, remove the tray, insert it into the return packaging and move onto the next tray.

When you finish your impressions, seal them and ship them back to the company right away. Although the process takes time, a good impression can help you get better results.