What to Look for in a Personal Pharmacy

We have all felt sick or uncomfortable and had to visit a pharmacist at inopportune times. If you want a personal pharmacy in Humble, then you should choose one wisely.

Pharmacies are your go-to location for urgent medication. A good relationship with a pharmacist is more important than most people realize.

If you want your medicine to arrive at the right time and in the correct amounts, you should look for the following attributes in a pharmacy:


Granted, most pharmacies nowadays have websites and can deliver medicine right to your doorstep but not many do so. If you have to go collect your medication at a brick and mortar pharmacy, the location is vital.

You want a pharmacy that is as close to you as possible. You should be able to get your medicine as quickly as possible, particularly in emergency situations.

The closer your pharmacy is, the easier it is to get help with your medicine if there is any mix-up or problem.


Your pharmacist should always be open particularly if you suffer from chronic or terminal issues. You need to be able to access your medicines even if your prescriptions are finished in the middle of the night.

Most pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, but if you are going to have a pharmacy where you get all your medication, it is a necessary prerequisite. The repercussions of not getting your medicine when you need it can be devastating or deadly.


A good pharmacy will have as large an inventory as possible and that is also what you need. You want a pharmacy with the largest chance of having a medicine when you need it.

Doctors switch medications for patients and when they do, it helps to have that medicine readily available at your regular pharmacy. Otherwise, you may have to search dozens of pharmacies or wait weeks after ordering online to receive your medication.

Insurance Coverage

Your health insurance should cover medication a doctor prescribes, particularly if you suffer from a chronic condition. Medication bills can run up quite a sum if you are not careful.

The pharmacy you choose to regularly get your medicine from should accept plenty of insurance plans, especially your specific insurance provider. That way, even if you change your insurance, you can simply remain with the same pharmacy if you so choose.

HIPAA Compliance

Your pharmacy should comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established in 2003. That will ensure that they are regulated by a worthy institution that can enforce customer grievances.

HIPAA compliance also means that the pharmacy has a public and private consultation area. Therefore, if you need medicine for a personal matter, you should not be worried.

Customer Service

The final attribute to look for in a pharmacy is the quality of their customer service. The better their customer service, the better the pharmacy.

You should choose a pharmacy that goes above and beyond to ensure you get the medicine you deserve. Their staff should be courteous, respectful, and be happy to help patients.