What To Expect On Your Upcoming Gin Tasting Session

Gin has started to become one of the most sought after drinks in recent years. This distilled alcoholic beverage that got its distinct flavour from juniper berries used to be delegated on the sides since it is more commonly utilised to create martini or other popular cocktail drinks. 

But recently, gin tasting events became popular among those with the most discerning palate. This activity started introducing gin as the main star and turning the old-fashioned drink as the next trend. 

If you and your drinking buddies signed up for an upcoming gin tasting event, here are some things you can expect.  

Upon Arrival

As soon as you arrive at the gin tasting venue, the host will lead you to a room to start a short discussion about gin. It usually includes a brief history, an explanation of the distilling process, and a little background about the ingredients used to make the drink. Then, the host will lead you towards the tasting room. 

Actual Tasting Activity

After learning all the basics about the drink, you can start learning about the gin’s flavour profile that makes it stand out against other alcoholic beverages. The host will present a wide range of artisan gins from their distillery and several complimenting tonics. 

Some gin tasting events will have games at the end of the session, so it would be wise to take notes during the discussion. It would also help if you and your group learned the proper way to distinguish the gins from each other so you can get a prize at the end of the event.

You may also book a gin tasting event that comes with a cocktail mixing lesson. It will let you learn how to use gin to make a customised cocktail based on your personal preferences. You can mix and match the tonics with the gins of your choice offered by the host. You may also share your concoction with your group. 

Types Of Food Served 

All gin tasting activities come with several munchies that go well with the drinks. Your host will serve a wide range of food that complement well with gin and tonics. 

Seafood is present in most gin tasting events. You may find smoked salmon topped with cucumbers and cream cheese in your table since their flavours work well with the herbal and floral notes of classic gin drinks. Fresh sushi and sashimi are also perfect for the occasion. To add more excitement to your palate, the host may also serve fresh oysters as part of the menu.

The herbs included in the gin’s flavour profile also work well with the best charcuterie meats. You will enjoy the drinks better while munching on porchetta, dried prosciutto, salami, and finocchio. The charcuterie board may also add strong cheeses like Comte, Camembert, or Manchebo, as well as a pile of nuts like almonds, macadamia, and pistachio.You may also have a bite of chocolates and berries for a sweeter note while sipping a glass of gin and tonic

Gin tasting is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your favourite people. Learning the history and basic uses of this popular drink will let you appreciate gin further. As a result, you will create more delectable cocktails using this beverage as its base to serve to your guests in your future parties at home.