What to Do When Fractured

Accidents can happen at any time, and you can end up sustaining a broken bone. Please understand that you should never wait to seek medical attention for a fracture. It requires immediate attention, and that is why you should call your local emergency number, mainly if it has occurred due to significant trauma. Fortunately, the help is readily available, and practitioners such as Nicholas Manriquez DPM, FACFAS, a Katy fractures specialist, can help you recover from your fracture. You will receive a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan when you visit Katy Foot and Ankle. As you seek medical attention, take other immediate actions after a fracture happens.

Call for Emergency Help

Depending on the nature and severity of your fracture, you might need immediate help even to reach the clinic. Besides, call for urgent help if:

  •       The bone has pierced the skin
  •       You experience heavy bleeding
  •       Gentle pressure or movement is painful
  •       You suspect to have a broken bone on the neck, back, or head
  •       The joint or limb appears deformed

If someone else experiences a fracture in your presence, call for emergency help if:

  •       They are unresponsive
  •       There is no breathing

You can also begin CPR if you do not get a heartbeat while waiting for help to arrive. You should not move the person unless necessary.

Stop Bleeding

As you wait for emergency help or seek medical attention from the clinic, try to stop any bleeding. Ensure you apply gentle pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or a sterile bandage. If it hurts when applying gentle pressure, only cover the area with the material or dressing.

Ice It

If you are experiencing swelling, you can apply ice packs to limit the swelling and relieve pain. Do not apply the ice directly to the skin. Instead, wrap the ice in a cloth or towel and then use it on the wound.

Immobilize the Injured Area

You can only do this if you are trained. Please do not try anything you are not sure about. If emergency help is not readily available at the moment, you can apply a split to the area below and above the fracture to help reduce the discomfort. But if the bone is sticking out, please do not attempt to push it back in or realign it.

After Treatment Care

Upon seeking professional care, your provider will discuss with you some recovery strategies. They will also send you home with special recovery instructions, which you ought to follow strictly. Listed are some examples of care to consider:

Bear Weight as Directed

Your doctor may ask you not to put weight on your leg for a particular duration. This is essential for your bone to heal. Therefore, ensure you take off any weight from the legs using a walker, properly fitted crutches, or manual wheelchairs.

Follow Keenly Activity Instructions

No matter how much you love physical activity, please restrain from it according to your provider’s directives. Although some simple fractures can allow you to move around, some severe cases may require you to rest completely. That is why it is critical to plan for your recovery, including looking for someone to help you with essential activities that may require you to move around.

The key to your recovery after a fracture treatment is following your doctor’s instructions.

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Manriquez as soon as possible for expert care in case of a fracture. Dr. Manriquez will diagnose your condition and discuss the treatment options available to get you back on your feet.