What Is Halitosis? Causes And Possible Treatments

Having bad breath can be one of the most uncomfortable problems for anyone. The most complicated thing of suffering from these types of problems is that they are usually difficult to detect before someone else reports that have perceived a bad smell. Worse, many associates it with poor oral hygiene, when it is not necessarily the cause of the problem.

Halitosis is due, in principle, to an accumulation of substances inside the mouth that stimulate the development of bacterial plaque. Most of them are related to acids, and this is perfect so that these small organisms can reproduce and release these unpleasant odors.

One of the biggest culprits behind all this problem is sulfur. Many of these substances have, for example, hydrogen sulfide, a very unpleasant acid substance that smells like a rotten egg. As long as there is no reduction of this plaque and these disgusting substances are not eliminated, then the problem will be perennial within the individual.

  1. The possible causes behind bad breath

Of course, bad hygiene. Although it is not the only possible trigger, it is the most frequent. A bad brushing, with little attention on the tongue and without the proper use of dental floss brings with it the accumulation of remains in the spaces between each tooth, inside the occlusal face of the molars or on the tongue as a white layer. With this the bacteria will arrive quickly.

Good oral hygiene is the main strategy to deal with this problem. With it not only halitosis is avoided, but also the appearance of cavities, an even more serious oral problem.

  • Some medications

The substances present in certain types of drugs (antidepressants, or medications for anxiety, for example) are capable of altering the pH, making the oral cavity a much more acidic place.

This is not the only mechanism by which medication could generate bad breath, however, it is in this way that they commonly act. Another way is by drying the mouth; some medications inhibit or limit the production of saliva, and this is enough to alter your taste buds, making the smell of the bacteria present there more noticeable.

  • Some foods

As with medications, often bad breath has nothing to do with oral hygiene, but rather with diet. Certain foods such as onion and garlic have sulfur content in their composition and when ingested they remain stored in the mouth and in the bloodstream for a long time. This is not the only thing, dairy, sweet or very acidic productspromotes the activity of the bacteria inside the oral cavity.

In these cases, good oral hygiene is the best way to cope. You will probably have to undergo more intense and frequent treatments in order to eliminate any trace of food that may be worsening this condition.

How to face it?

In principle, it is necessary that you maintain a great oral hygiene. Do not limit yourself to the brush and the toothpaste: dental floss and mouthwash are necessary. Keep in mind that teeth are not enough, in fact, the problem is usually associated with the tongue. You can implement a tongue scraper to remove as many bacteria as possible in each brush.

If you already have this problem, avoid the foods mentioned above. While you don’t find the possible cause of this condition, avoid making the situation worse as much as possible.

Drink a lot of water. Although many people do not associate oral hygiene with oral intake, this is essential to cope with drying. In this way, the presence of bacteria will be less noticeable and it will be more complicated for them to find an environment conducive to reproducing easily.

Use baking soda. Of course, this is not the only option available, but without a doubt, it is one of the most suitable alkaline substances to deal with the acids that can accumulate in your mouth and that contribute to the reproduction of bacteria.

Go to the specialist, never is a bad day for a good dental cleaning. Do not forget that the visit to the dentist is necessary, at least twice a year, to keep your oral cavity in optimal conditions. Also, this is the best way to determine the true cause of the problem in question.

It’s time for you to finally get rid of bad breath. Research much more about the possible methods and products you could use to keep your oral cavity healthy and clean. Rest assured that there are multiple natural or pharmaceutical alternatives to deal with this problem.

Halitosis is usually the reflection of some delicate health problem that you must face. The good news is that there is enough information about it, so there are no excuses for not facing it. Do not wait for someone to notify you that you have bad breath.