What is Dual Diagnosis Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

When you suffer from both a mental illness and addiction, it’s known as having a “dual diagnosis.’ When addiction is coupled with a mental illness, it only increases the fog that prevents the addicted individual from clearly seeing the world around them.  Abusing drugs and alcohol creates a false reality that the individual can become stuck within, if professional help isn’t sought.  Mental illness and mental disorders have the capacity to keep the individual within the throes of addiction due to the altered perception of reality that mental disorders can create for the afflicted.  Dual diagnosis drug addiction program through a professional addiction center is your way out of both addiction to mind-altering chemicals, and mental illnesses that exacerbate and worsen drug abuse.

What are mental disorders?

To be afflicted with both a mental disorder and an addiction to substances is common among individuals who become dependent upon drugs and alcohol.  Men and women who have a history of mental illnesses have a higher propensity to develop addictive behavioral qualities, or addictions to substances.  But what are mental illnesses and disorders?  Much like addictions to drugs or alcohol, mental illnesses are afflictions that cannot be seen.  While there are observable symptoms of mental illnesses, mental disorders affect the individual’s brain in the same way that addiction does.  Symptoms of being both drug dependent and afflicted with a mental disorder are:

  • Previous diagnosis of a mental illness, and an inability to stop abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Extreme paranoia or anxiety about social situations unless drugs are used as a buffer
  • Traumatic incidents that occurred in early childhood, or later in life
  • Depression when drugs and alcohol are not used
  • Frequent mania or depression, when drugs are absent or used

In order to effectively stop using drugs, if you are a dual-diagnosis individual, a dual diagnosis drug addiction program is required to help treat all aspects of addiction and mental illness.

What mental illnesses does Addiction Solutions treat?

With dozens of dual diagnosis drug addiction program options available to us, the experts at Addiction Solutions are available to help you recover from any common mental illness and addiction. Our dual diagnosis addiction program support team can deliver you the highest quality of dual diagnosis care for any of the following mental illnesses:

  • Depression
  • Mania (or Bipolar)
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Personality disorders

As part of the commitment to providing you with the highest quality of care available for your dual diagnosis treatment needs, it is an assessment to best get to know you and your recovery needs. Speak with one of dual diagnosis addiction program expert to begin your mental health history and addiction assessment. No matter what previous diagnosis may have held you back in the past, at a professional center, you can get help to finally recover from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Together, you will be able to finally help yourself to overcome all that drug addiction and mental illness have taken away.  Professional admissions coordination teams are available to answer any questions and help you take this next step.