What is a Gastric Sleeve and Why Should You Have This Surgery Abroad

In this article, we will explain how gastric sleeve surgery works, discuss having gastric sleeve abroad and also touch upon gastric sleeve cost and what is included in the surgery “packet”. 

But let us begin by answering “What is a gastric sleeve?”

Explaining the operation

So, what is a gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a common type of bariatric surgery, in which a big part of the left side of the stomach is removed. The remaining part resembles a narrow tube and from its shape has earned the nickname “sleeve”. 

Where does the food go? As there will be no alterations to any of the intestines or their attachment to the stomach, the food will still go to the bottom of the stomach and from there to the small intestine. Due to the much smaller size of the stomach, you will simply feel full a lot sooner. You may lose as much as 50 to 90 pounds. 

Why go abroad?

Having gastric sleeve abroad is one of the hottest topics, with hundreds of people every year choosing to take part in what’s even being called “bariatric tourism”. When it comes to gastric sleeve surgery, Europe has several countries with top-quality service, and much shorter queues and on top of that, the gastric sleeve surgery prices can easily be half or less than those in the UK private clinics. 

About the prices – what is included

For example, in Latvia, gastric sleeve surgery prices are indeed just that – more than a half lower than those in the UK, while the waiting time is around a few months instead of several years. 

So, lets us say you plan to have a gastric sleeve abroad, what should you expect to be included in the price? 

The list is thorough: any pre-surgery consultations and tests, transportation from your landing spot (be it bus station or airport) to the hospital (or hotel, where you would be staying before the surgery, with enough room for your companion, too), full surgery, several days in the hospital post-surgery, transportation back to the airport and several years of consultations once you are back in your homeland. 

Latvia – the hub of weight loss surgeries

When it comes to different bariatric surgeries, including the ever-popular gastric sleeve, Latvia measures up with any other European country, easily matching and even outdoing Switzerland, France or Germany with their long-lasting traditions. This is due to the affordability and the cosiness of the full surgery packages described above, which have allowed professional surgeons to have an enormous number of operations. And as the logic holds – the more you practise, the better you get. 

The same goes for the rest of the process – here in Weight Loss Riga, everything runs smoothly, and we take professional care of our patients, without losing the personal touch, so much sought after – something big clinics are prone to lose. 

So, now that you know a little more about what is a gastric sleeve and the reasons why having a gastric sleeve abroad may well be the best choice of your life, if there are any questions you have, do not hesitate to contact us via our homepage. We are here for you, always.