What Are Cookie Cutters Called?

Cookie cutters make all the difference in baking those yummy cookies. They are useful baking tools that add appeal and excitement to those sweet treats. Even experienced bakers use these tools to mold their creations perfectly without a fuss. You can flex your baking skills when you got the perfect cookie cutters! Cookie cutters come in different shapes and sizes, but the most common are those round cookie cutters

What Cookie Cutters are Made of?

Cookie cutters can be made of plastic, metal, and wood. There are pros and cons for each type. Plastic cookie cutters are inexpensive, easy, and safe to use, especially when kids are joining the baking session. However, there is not much expectation when it comes to their durability.

A metal cookie cutter is more durable and cuts through a cookie dough much easier without ruining the shape of the dough. However, it may develop rust when not properly cleaned. Round cookie cutters can be made from materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or tin.

Excellent cookie cutters are not only efficient but are nice decorative in your kitchen and a baking collectible. There are unique designs available, but round cookie cutters always top the list of baking enthusiasts. You can start with small round cookie cutters.

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How to Use a Round Cookie Cutter 

Step 1. Gather your ingredients and start with your fresh cookie dough.

Step 2. Divide the fresh dough and roll out evenly between pieces of parchment paper.

Step 3. Press the round cookie cutter into the dough firmly. Wiggle it a bit before lifting. At this point, if the cookie dough sticks, try spraying the cutter with a non-stick spray so the dough will be released.

Step 4. Peel back the cookie cutter, and Peel back and get rid of the excess dough around the cutter. You can still use the excess dough. You can place them back into a bowl and roll them again.

Step 5. This time, put the round cookies in the fridge for about twenty minutes. To lift the dough easily, place them onto a baking sheet. You can pre-heat the oven while cutting more doughs using your round cookie cutters.

Step 6. Get the dough from the fridge after the allotted cooling time, and bake them.

Step 7. After baking, let the cookies cool for a couple of minutes. When fresh out of the oven, cookies are still malleable, but when they are cooled down a bit, you will perfectly enjoy your round cookies!


Every tasty cookie starts with fresh dough and an excellent cookie cutter. You don’t have to learn complex cutout techniques when baking cookies; you only need a circle cookie cutter set to flex your perfectly round cookie treats.

Cookies are nice if they are yummy and a lot nicer when they look good and tempting. Every baker knows that forming cookie dough would be a lot harder when you don’t have a circle cookie cutter set. They are essential baking tools for any occasion. For a quick and easy round cookie, you’ll never go wrong with round cookie cutters. And yes, cookies look a lot yummier when they are formed in perfect circles!