Medically Managed Weight Loss Programs in Fairfax

Over a third of the American population is overweight or obese. Obesity can cause various health issues and even death. Sadly, most individuals don’t realize that obesity can be dangerous to their health. Getting regular examinations from a weight loss specialist in Fairfax can assist you in learning how you can achieve a healthy weight. Dr. Rohit Suri at Nova Physician Wellness Center in Ashburn and Fairfax, offers comprehensive physical examinations for children and adults of all ages. Nova Physician Wellness Center also provides counseling on how to reduce weight safely.

Obesity and Health Problems

Those who visit Nova Physician Wellness Center focusing on weight loss counseling will find out that there are several diseases that are associated with obesity, including a higher likelihood of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Ankle joint deterioration, knee problems, obstructive sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis due to pressure from excess weight are also common.

Although obesity can be caused by endocrine disorders, utilization of various medications, and mental problems, the condition is usually related to other factors. The most common causes of obesity include genetic factors, lack of exercise, and overeating. Although you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can change your eating habits and the amount of physical activity that you engage in.

A weight loss clinic like Nova Physician Wellness Center can help you make changes in your life if you are struggling with losing weight. We can help you lose the excess weight that you need in order to free you from the unfavorable effects associated with the medical condition.

Essentials of Losing Weight

Weight loss is vital when it comes to combating obesity, and a medical center that is run by a physician who specializes in medical weight loss can turn out to be effective in treating this medical issue. However, too many individuals decide to extremely limit their diets, engage in the latest trends, or seek treatments that use medications or surgery. But, a trained weight-loss specialist will inform you of the secret to weight loss, and obesity treatment is not realized by adopting extreme measures. The secret to losing weight is developing healthy eating habits and losing weight naturally.

Weight loss that is managed by a doctor who specializes in this area is safe and effective. Consider joining the Nova Physician Wellness Center weight loss program that focuses on organizing several small meals per day, and uses natural supplements intended to reduce your craving for food, as well as enhance your body’s ability to burn fat. A weight loss program that focuses on natural methods will give you a quick, safe, and permanent weight loss.

Realization of Better Health

In conjunction with losing the required weight, those who use the Nova Physician Wellness Center weight loss program also learn how to keep excess weight off. That ensures maximum benefits and ongoing positive outcomes. Prudent eating habits, regular physical exercise, and cautious monitoring of your weight will assist you in getting the permanent results that you want.

If you or your loved one is struggling with weight loss, call us today or request an appointment online to discover more about our weight loss counseling program.