People concern about their physical health and take care of it, but they do not pay attention to their oral health or oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is the process or practice to keep the mouth clean. Taking care of Oral hygiene is just as important as your physical health. Even if you have shiny and whiter teeth, it is necessary to take major steps to keep your teeth healthy. The upper hard surface of your teeth is called enamel; it protects the teeth and helps them to protect from decay. So it is the display of your teeth if your teeth are healthier you will never hide your smile, you will never feel ashamed, and as a result, you become more confident. Teeth help us to chew food and enjoying different types of meals. They help us to smile more and worry less. When you talk to someone, you notice their teeth first, and you have a good conversation with those who have a good smile. You mostly inspired by someone’s smile at first sight. It is all due to healthier teeth because teeth give shape to our faces. If you have a beautiful smile, so it is all off because you have beautiful teeth.

Cavities are the damaged part of your hard surface of teeth, if you do not treat them properly before decaying your teeth then it will causing a dull and steady pain, and hence they can tend to tooth loss, all on 4 dental implants is a complete solution for your dental health. Let’s have some tips which help you to keep your teeth healthier.

  • Brush your teeth regularly

It is a common practice that you should brush your teeth twice a day. It is correspondingly important how you brush your teeth. Moreover doing a bad job of brushing your teeth is nearly as poor as not brushing at all. Take the proper time to brush your teeth. Pay attention when you brush your teeth, brush gently in a circular motion to remove plaque. If plaque sticks to your teeth, then it leads to early gum disease. People neglect to brush their teeth before going to bed; it is more important to brush your teeth after every meal, particularly after having dinner. When we eat food particles, remain in our teeth gaps, and it leads to a cavity. So take care of your teeth, brush properly back and forth and in the backside of the teeth, brush your tongue also to have fresh and bacteria-free breathing. Change your brush every 2 or 3 months because it may destroy after three months and do not clean your teeth properly and may damage your gums. Also, use an appropriate size of the brush with nylon bristles. By maintaining your brush schedule, you may save your teeth from decay.

  • Type of toothpaste you should use

Fluoride is an essential element that helps to strengthen your teeth. Always use this type of toothpaste which has the right amount of fluoride. It helps to harden your surface of tooth and repair tooth in the early stages of decay. According to doctors, children under the age of three should use a streak, and children above the age of three should use a pea-sized toothpaste. It also helps to restore the natural color of your teeth. It freshens breathing and reduces plaque. To sustain your oral hygiene, you must use the right amount of toothpaste.

  • Using a mouthwash

You may use mouthwash for fresh breath. If you had bad breath, then you must visit your doctor to protect your teeth and before you lose your teeth. People do not know how mouth wash works. Mouthwash works in three ways; it helps to reduce the amount of acid in your mouth, cleans those areas where the brush cannot reach properly and re-mineralizes your teeth. You may consult your doctor for specific mouthwash.

  • Floss your teeth

People think if they brush daily, then they do not need flossing brush is enough for them. But floss is just important as brushing. Floss can help to remove acids produced by bacteria, and it can help to remove food particles that stuck between your teeth. The brush cannot clean properly between the gaps of teeth, so flossing is the most appropriate method to clean the teeth from front to back and helps to prevent your teeth from decay.

  • Choose a healthy diet

Every part of the body and our all organs need nutrition to develop and function properly. Teeth also need appropriate amounts of calcium, magnesium, vitamin and phosphorous, etc. you should eat healthy and proper meals, add green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt in your diet. Calcium and minerals help to restore teeth roots, strengthen gum and repair enamel. Do not use sweets such as candies, pastries, sticky gums in large amount because they stick to your teeth and bacteria begin to grow then bacteria produce acids, and your teeth might have a cavity. If you eat sweets, then brush your teeth after eating and rinse from water. By choosing a healthy diet, you may keep your teeth healthy.

  • Smoking damages teeth

As you know, smoking kills, it affects your health, so it also affects your teeth. Smoking can make your teeth yellowish you might have bad breath. It effects on saliva production and increases gum diseases. For your health and to prevent your teeth and mouth from disease stop smoking.

  • Visit your dentist Once a month

We all know that prevention is better than cure. You must visit your dentist once a month and check your teeth properly if any cavity is present and you need some treatment then you will know on time, and then you may save your teeth from decay, or you may prevent from severe tooth-ache.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water is the best drink for your mouth and overall health. Drinking helps to wash some of the sticky food from your teeth, and it also reduces acid in your mouth. So make a habit of drink more it will help to bring a good change in your health.

Final words

Good oral health begins with you. When you start taking care of yourself, you see a good change in yourself. Brush your teeth after every meal and twice a day, and you must use toothpaste with a specific amount of fluoride. Don’t forget to use a piece of floss and make a habit of using it. Use a specialize mouthwash as per your Dentist recommendations. Choose a healthy diet, and a healthy diet contains milk products, leafy vegetables, fish and poultry. Do not smoke as it damages your oral hygiene. Visit your dentist at least once in a month and last but not least drink a lot of water. These tips may help to Stay Healthy.