Waking Up: 10 Tips to Help Manage Depression

According to Sabino Recovery’s depression treatment center, depression is a serious health disorder that can be difficult to treat because it occurs for a variety of reasons. Some people have psychologically created depression because they harbor on negative things and push themselves into a psychosomatic downward spiral. Others have depression after the use of drugs or alcohol as a long-term side-effect of withdrawal that sometimes occurs from damage to neural receptors. And yet, other depression is congenital or acquired over time for unknown reasons. People can also suffer from temporary bouts of depression from sensory deprivation, medication side-effects, or even from chemical imbalances related to diet on a particular day. No matter what the cause of your depression may be, there are methods to help you manage.

Tip #1: Act Charitably

A lot of people who struggle with depression have trouble finding value and purpose in their lives. They are consumed with commercialism and people whose religions are nothing more than commercial nihilism hidden in ritual and philosophy. It is hard to see the good in life when you have no constructive purpose. Therefore, it always helps you to feel less guilty about your failures and shortcomings by covering a multitude of sins (shortcomings) with charity.

When you act charitably, however, you should not do so through a bureaucracy. Although charities try to accomplish their purpose, a lot of them are focused on allocating much of their budget to securing donations and bigger salaries for their directors. You will truly feel better about yourself when you find anyone with a genuine need and help them financially to afford health care or physically to overcome disabilities.

Tip #2: Change Your Diet

Diet can play a considerable role in how well you feel. Eating junk food and absorbing empty calories are sure to drag your mood down. Your body has trouble processing all those preservatives, fats, and sugars saturated into these foods. You are left with a crash and burn effect that becomes progressively worse. This is because you start to develop a craving for sweets and other instant gratification. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding excess protein and sugar can make a big difference in your general mood. Sugar and glucose levels play a leading role in mood as demonstrated by the sugar high and crash that people universally experience.

Tip #3: Be Careful of Household Products

Cleaning products can cause depression if ingested. You should always ensure that your dishes and things are being rinsed and washed properly. The same is true for your laundry. If you are inhaling laundry detergent, this can create a feeling of dysphoria. Even trace amounts of sunscreen can make you feel nauseous if you get it in your mouth by the same principle. Vitamins are another big cause of depression. Many people who take supplements that contain niacin feel groggy and depressed afterward, sometimes for many days.

Tip #4: Try Alternate Medications

Regardless of whether depression is not a normal side-effect of a drug, it can be linked to depression in certain individuals. The popular acne drug Accutane was never linked to suicide and depression until many people died from it. If you can switch out the medications and supplements that you are taking, this can eliminate any worry over the meds being the source of the problem.

However, you should be aware that medications often build up a level in the system and may not instantly change your depression if you suddenly change them. Also, in some patients, the medications may act on the same principle and produce no noticeable changes. Consult your doctor to find out how you may be able to stop a medication or switch it to address a possible cause of depression.

Tip #5: Quit Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol

Nicotine acts like other drugs by reducing your natural supplies of the feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine. Because the nicotine is acting to stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain, your body will stop producing its own supply. The effect is long-term depression and dependence on substances. However, as you become tolerant to the drug, nicotine, or alcohol, you start to feel depressed all the time.

Tip #6: Improve Your Sex Life

Whether you have to travel to a country where women or more promiscuous or expand your moral horizons at home, sex is something that is safe and fun. It can reach narcotic states of euphoria and relieve depression in most people when done properly. You should avoid masturbation because it does not produce effective euphoria results in the same manner and may limit your desire and enjoyment for sex. Pornography should only be viewed with a partner before sex to get some ideas. Finding a steady and clean partner for sex without prophylactics is also recommended for maximum pleasure.

Tip #7: Exercise

In order to attract those hot sexual partners, you will be in better condition if you start exercising. Building muscles, toning your body, and improving your cardio will all produce a sense of accomplishment and even a runner’s high if you do it correctly.

Tip #8: Move or Travel

You may have a lot of negative imagery and feelings attached to the place that you live or even your entire community. Despite what they tell you, it is not the same all over. If you travel around and find a place where you connect with the people, this can restore your energy to think positively and succeed.

Tip #9: Write Down Your Feelings

If you record your feelings at different times of the day, you should be able to find breaks in the sadness. If something makes you happy or smile, keep that reference in your pocket and think about that more.

Tip #10: Buy New Clothes

If you put some money into improving your appearance, you may feel more self-confident and outgoing. This can help clear up the barriers of defeated thinking that make you feel overwhelmed with life and depressed by it.


Life really is what you make of it. The people who are happiest are able to improve their lifestyles by changing up anything that may be linked to their depression. Do the opposite of what you would normally do in any given situation, and you will be rewarded. You should also consider getting professional help from an acclaimed depression clinic. There, you can work with experienced specialists, one-on-one, to custom formulate an effective treatment plan.