Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam Alert – Rusty Moore Reviewed For Program Effectiveness

visimpGet the body you are dreaming for long which attracts women and envies other men!

You can have a masculine, angular shape still avoiding the curvy body and at least that what is promised by the Rusty Moore, the author of Visual Impact Muscle Building. But Do program actually help to have desired looks without any risk or side effects, or if the Rusty Moore Scam, let’s have a look to this Visual Impact Muscle Building Review.

The problem with muscle building is that most guys end up bulking up unnecessary body parts like their waist and create hourglass physique. Visual Impact Muscle Building (VIMB) teaches you ways to gain muscle size and density in balance to create ultimate masculine physique. It can be done by building stiffness and increasing size of the muscles at perfect ratio. Even better, it also teaches how to keep skin growing with muscular growth and avoid the weird look that doesn’t match the size and density of the muscle. It means how to get skin to wrap up the muscles perfectly without affecting the appearance.

3 Phases of Workout Structure in VIMB

Phase 1: Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy

You will be focusing on gaining as much muscle as possible through high volume, high rep work that fatigues the muscles.

Phase 2: Increase Muscular Density

In this phase, strength and muscle gains are the focus. Rep work is cut down. Your focus is on muscle gain as well as strength but the amount of high rep cut down. So now you will be lifting more in just 5 rep range

Phase 3: Max Density and Definition

In last phase you lift the super heavy weights (2 to 5 reps) and you really begin shredding body stubborn fats to reveal muscles.

Beside these 3 there is a bonus phase called “Shrink Wrap” that teaches a techniques to add some muscle quickly, and encourages your skin to shrink wrap around your muscle. This helps you to have beach or vacation ready body.

About Rusty More – Author Review of Visual Impact Muscle Building

rsutyRusty Moore is the owner of popular and vibrant online site “Fitness Black Book” where he provide and information based scientific reasoning to help both men and women to have sexually smart body and “Hollywood look” and that rank him up on World Wide Web. He is popular for helping people to be healthy and muscular without any oddly shaped looks.

Being trained for more than 23 years or more at gym, he went beyond the techniques and methods to learn and create his very own methods with research of years. And finally he managed this Visual Impact Muscle Building program.

Cons of Visual Impact Muscle Building Program

  • It only includes nutritional calorie facts, but don’t cover any diet plan or nutritional guide to specify what to eat or avoid
  • Initial phase required strict following and hard work. Especially for beginners.
  • This program is not for women.


Pros of Visual Impact Muscle Building System

  • VIMB focuses on looks and aesthetics, not only muscle gains, and help you to learn to avoid curvy feminine physique in least time possible and gain loads of confidence.
  • Have real Hollywood looks in all outfits to envy all other men.
  • Proven and tested method by 1000s of men.
  • Choose your preferred type of training resistance.
  • Course is cost friendly as compared to many other programs and eBooks and instantly downloadable.
  • Printable charts that demonstrate in detail what exactly is needed.
  • Critique a lot of other common fitness concepts.
  • Comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • As program is divided into 3 phases it is ideal for beginners to set smaller targets and also keeps you motivated for long.

Last Words to Prove Rusty Moore Scam or Not!

Closing Visual Impact Muscle Building review, it can be suggested that it one of the best program to get medium built toned muscular body that attract every lady, envy other men and gives you confidence.