Virectin Reviews: Find Why It Is The Ultimate Testosterone Booster

Testosterone plays many crucial roles in the male body. While the hormone is found in both the female and the male body, it is found in much higher concentrations in the male body, mostly because it has more functions to contribute to the male body than the female body. The female body rather requires higher levels of estrogen. Estrogen, on the other hand, is also present in the male body, but in low concentrations. A healthy balance of testosterone, estrogen and other sex hormones is essential or optimum male health. This contributes toward better physical and mental health, and ensures a man is able to perform well during sex.

Unfortunately, disruptions in the body’s ability to produce certain hormones occur in a lot of men. Different types of hormones can be affected by such a condition. Each hormone plays a part in certain bodily functions; thus the symptoms of hormone deficiencies or too much of a certain hormone depends on the particular hormone that is affected. Testosterone, in particular, is known to cause the development of many unpleasant symptoms in the male body when levels of this important sex-hormones become too low; thus causing the man to experience low testosterone, also defined as testosterone deficiency.

When testosterone deficiency occurs, men usually seek ways to increase their testosterone serum count to help them restore optimum health and sexual wellbeing. Testosterone deficiency causes both direct and indirect effects on the human body, ranging from symptoms such as depression and anxiety, to premature ejaculation and a loss of muscle mass.

Low testosterone levels can be treated in multiple ways, including the utilization of certain pharmaceutical drugs to restore optimum levels of this hormone. Unfortunately, side-effects are often found in men opting for the pharmaceutical approach, which is why a large number of men with low testosterone opts for alternative methods to help them reach higher levels of testosterone without being exposed to the adverse effects of the pharmaceutical approach to treating a testosterone deficiency.

The Role Of Testosterone In Men

The human body contains many different hormones, each playing a vital part in regulating numerous systems in the body. In this post, we want to focus on one particular hormone that has many important functions in the male body, namely testosterone, including how low amounts of the hormone can cause erectile dysfunction and other sex-related problems. Testosterone is a sex hormone. In a healthy man, testosterone is found in relatively high levels throughout his body. The hormone is associated with many bodily functions, systems, and parts.

According to Art of Manliness, optimal levels of testosterone has the following benefits for the male body:

  • Healthy levels of testosterone in the male body contribute to better cognitive function, including a sharper mind and better focus.
  • Men who have optimal testosterone levels usually find that they are happier and also have a higher level of confidence.
  • Since testosterone plays a part in heart health, men with optimal levels of testosterone have a healthier heart generally.
  • Optimal testosterone levels help to keep muscle mass at a healthy level and also makes it easier for men to build muscle mass and reduce excess fat relatively easily.
  • Bone health is in part regulated by testosterone; thus optimal testosterone levels help to keep bones healthy and strong.
  • Men with higher levels of testosterone usually tend to experience much higher levels that are usually able to last them for an entire day.
  • Sex drive is greatly affected by testosterone. Optimal testosterone levels help a man experience a high libido; thus making them more interested in participating in sexual intercourse.
  • Men with the optimal level of testosterone usually find that their erections are strong and hard.

Unfortunately, not all men have optimal testosterone levels in their body. No 100% accurate data regarding the prevalence of low testosterone levels amongst men are available since the condition is sometimes not noticed by a man or not correctly diagnosed, but Cleveland Clinic estimates that as much as 20% of men experience testosterone deficiency by the age of 60, and up to 40% of men aged 80 or older have significantly lower testosterone levels in their body than what is considered normal.

Low Testosterone: What You Need To Know

Healthline explains that testosterone usually starts to increase in production when a male reaches puberty. During this time, testosterone helps the boy become a man by causing his voice to deepen, muscle mass to grow, as well as by stimulating the growth of body hair on certain parts of his body. By the time the man reaches the age of 30, however, then he starts to experience a gradual decrease in testosterone production. Thus, testosterone reduction as a person ages is considered normal, but it should be noted that the drop in testosterone is usually very low ‑ with an average drop in approximately 1% per year.

Some men, however, experience an unnaturally fast reduction in their testosterone levels. In such a case, they can develop a testosterone deficiency and suffer from numerous health problems that low testosterone levels have been associated with. Problems related to a significant reduction in testosterone can affect numerous parts of the human body and does not only extend to the physical health of the male body, but also the mental health.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Problems usually develop with the man’s sexual function, his physical wellbeing, his sleep and his emotional health. One of the most common problems that men with low testosterone levels experience are a reduction in their sex drive. They usually start to notice that they are not as interested in sex as they used to be. In time, this particular symptom becomes worse as testosterone levels start to drop. Untreated, the man might, later on, find that they have completely lost their desire to have sex.

Other common problems that men may experience when they have significantly low testosterone levels include a reduction in their bone density, which may make bones brittle and fragile; thus increasing the risk not only of obtaining fractures, but also increasing the risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Fat distribution is also affected by testosterone, as well as muscle mass. Should a man’s testosterone drop too low, fat distribution may be affected adversely. In turn, this can cause the man to experience excessive amounts of fat being stored in his abdominal region. Muscle mass may also reduce since a loss of muscle mass is relatively common amongst men with low testosterone. This may also come with a significant reduction in physical strength, which can become problematic in a man’s day-to-day lives ‑ including their time at the gym and their performance in the bedroom.

Low Testosterone Causes

A large number of potential contributing factors, risk factors and causes have been associated with low testosterone, but a lot of men are not aware of these facts. Knowing what you are exposing your body to that may cause you to experience a loss of testosterone is important ‑ avoiding these factors in your life may help to prevent testosterone deficiency and ensure your testosterone levels stay at an optimal level.

The most obvious cause for low testosterone would be age. Even though testosterone tends to decrease slowly with age and that is not considered to cause low testosterone levels, it has been found that men are more likely to develop a testosterone deficiency the older they get.

Some other potential causes have also been found to affect those people with low testosterone at an age younger than 50 years. According to Everyday Health, numerous medical conditions have been linked to low testosterone. These include chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, lung disease, type 2 diabetes, problems with the pituitary gland and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Certain genetic diseases and syndromes have also been associated with a significantly higher risk of testosterone deficiency. Some examples of genetic diseases and syndromes include Myotonic dystrophy, Prader-Willi syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and Kallmann syndrome.

Other potential causes of low testosterone amongst men who have not yet reached an age where low testosterone is considered to be relatively common include the administration of chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer patients, as well as tumors in the pituitary gland and the HIV infection. Hemochromatosis, a condition that causes too much iron to be stored in the body, can also contribute to low testosterone levels.

Virectin: A Natural Supplement That May Help To Stimulate Testosterone Production

With low testosterone posing as a potential threat to a man’s overall health, causing him to experience problems in the bedroom, as well as in other areas of his life, it is important for men experiencing the symptoms of testosterone deficiency to take action. The first step to treating the condition is to seek a physical examination from a healthcare professional. This will allow the healthcare provider to determine if the man might be suffering from low testosterone, and if the symptoms they are experiencing might be due to a different health concern.

Should the healthcare provider expect that the man is, in fact, suffering from levels of testosterone that are considered too low for their age,, they will request a series of tests to be conducted to determine the testosterone count in the patient’s blood serum. Once diagnosed, the patient will be prompted to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. Unfortunately, this treatment option has many side-effects and risks associated with it.

An alternative option that people can opt for is natural supplements that have been formulated with ingredients to help stimulate the production of testosterone; thus naturally increasing testosterone levels in the man’s blood serum without causing the many risks that have been associated with testosterone replacement therapy.

Virectin is one particularly popular natural supplement that has been utilized by quite a large number of men to help them experience improvements in their sex lives. This supplement is also often used to possibly assist with increasing the amount of testosterone the man’s body is able to produce naturally.

Introduction To Virectin: What You Should Know About This Supplement

We would like to introduce our readers to Virectin, a very popular male enhancement supplement that has been used by a lot of men the last couple of years. What makes this supplement so great is the fact that it does not utilize synthetically created testosterone hormones, but rather uses a series of natural compounds to stimulate the testosterone production mechanisms in the male body. These ingredients work in different ways to assist with increasing testosterone levels found in the male body, as well as to contribute to many other potential benefits to the male user, such as better physical strength, endurance and stamina, as well as improved erectile function and quality, and a higher libido.

How Effective Are The Ingredients Of Virectin?

The ingredients of Virectin should be one of the primary concerns amongst potential customers who wish to utilize the product for its advantages it can offer them in the bedroom, as well as for the potential of increasing their testosterone levels naturally by simply taking an all-natural oral supplement every day. Luckily, the ingredients of Virectin are not only safe, but have also been proven through scientific research to be safe for everyday use.

Some important ingredients to take note of includes:

  • Selenium ‑ This mineral is important for reproductive health as it contributes to better sperm production. Selenium is also useful for increasing the amount of testosterone the body naturally produces.
  • L-Arginine HCL ‑ A vital ingredient used by a lot of men to help them overcome the dreadful symptoms of erectile dysfunction, L-Arginine is converted into the gaseous substance known as Nitric Oxide in the body. The body then sends this substance into the bloodstream, which causes blood vessels to relax, blood flow to improve and more blood to flow to the penis.
  • Ashwagandha Root ‑ A root extract that has the ability to improve overall sexual performance by offering both physical and mental benefits. In some men, Ashwagandha root may also help to increase levels of important sex hormones.
  • Other ingredients of Virectin includes Cnidium Monnieri, Fenugreek Seed, Mucuna Pruriens, Herbaepimedium, Zinc, Mucuna Pruriens, Avena Sativa, Niacin and Tribulus Terrestris.

Pros Of Virectin

  • Virectin is a natural product that does not contain any type of synthetic ingredients, such as synthetic testosterone. This means that the risks associated with testosterone replacement therapy, which can be hazardous to a patient’s wellbeing, are not caused by Virectin.
  • The ingredients of Virectin has been researched through numerous clinical studies to make sure they are effective in helping men experience better erections, as well as to boost both sex drive and testosterone.
  • Virectin is affordable for most people and, considering the high-quality ingredients found in this supplement; it is often considered the best option for men who requires an improvement in their sexual performance.
  • Virectin can assist with many different sexual issues that can affect a man’s capabilities in the bedroom. Examples of sexual problems that may be resolved through the use of Virectin include erectile dysfunction and a low libido.
  • Different packages are offered by Virectin to suit the budget of every individual customer. While the product can be purchased in single units, the value packages that are available provide the customer with bulk offers that reduce the price-per-unit significantly.
  • A customer can avoid having to pay for shipping to have their package delivered to their doorstep by simply ensuring their order exceeds a total value of $60.

Cons of Virectin

  • Virectin is not available at any local stores, including supplement stores, health stores and pharmacies. This is usually one of the most significant problems that people face with Virectin since they often want to buy the product and receive it immediately, instead of having to wait for shipping.
  • Some people may be at a risk of experiencing an allergic reaction to Virectin since the supplement utilizes natural plant extracts ‑ it is possible that a person may be allergic to such a plant extract; thus causing them to experience a reaction to such an extract.

How Much Does Virectin Cost?

Virectin comes in three different packages which the customer can choose from when they are interested in buying this supplement to experience the benefits that Virectin is able to offer them. The first package, named the “Starter Package,” is perfect for any person who would like to try Virectin, but not entirely sure whether or not this particular supplement is truly for them. The “Starter Package” will cost the customer a total of $44.95. This package includes one bottle of the product, which is an adequate supply of Virectin for 30 days.

Two other packages are also available. The first being their “Power Package.” This package contains four bottles of Virectin, as well as free shipping on order, which calculates to a total value of $300. The total cost of this package is $179.80. To save more on this package, the customer can use the coupon code “VIRECT20” to reduce the price of the “Power Package” to $143.85.

The third and final package is the “Preferred Package.” The package contains five bottles of Virectin, free shipping and also a free tube of Vazogel. The total value of this package is $364.95, but the customer is able to purchase this particular package at the cost of $224.75. Note that a 25% discount can be applied to the package by using the coupon code “VIRECT25” during checkout; thus reducing the price of the package to $168.55.

How And Where To Buy Virectin?

Virectin can only be purchased from the official website that represents the product, which can be accessed at The product is not available at local stores in a potential customer’s area, but rather only from this online store. Buying the product form the company’s official website is relatively easy. The potential customer can visit the “Buy Now” page and then simply choose the particular package they are interested in buying. A potential customer can also utilize the “Select Your Package” button that is found on the left side of every page on the official Virectin website.

How To use Virectin?

Virectin offers general recommendations for taking the supplement on a daily basis, but they also suggest a customer experiment with different doses to see what works best for them. The recommended dosage is three capsules every day. The three capsules should be taken as a single dose and with a full glass of water. A lot of customers that use Virectin have found that three capsules can be a little too strong for them; thus reducing their daily dose to two tablets of the product. It is best to take Virectin without food and on an empty stomach ‑ this particular method of use has been found to be most effective.

What Customers Say About Virectin

There are many Virectin reviews that can be found on the internet. Fortunately for those who are interested in using Virectin, they would be happy to know that almost all customers who have ordered and used Virectin found the product to be potent and effective for them. Most men find that the potency of their erections tend to improve quickly after they start taking the supplement. A lot of men also report that they become much more interested in having sex after they have started to take Virectin supplements.

Final Words

Optimum levels of testosterone are important for overall male health. Testosterone is considered the primary sex hormone of the male body and contributes to muscle mass, bone health, mental wellbeing, sex drive and more. When testosterone levels become too low, a man may develop symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency, which can be unpleasant and have an effect on his performance in the gym, as well as his capabilities during sexual intercourse.

Restoring testosterone levels is possible, but the conventional method, which is to use testosterone replacement therapy, is becoming less popular due to the side-effects associated with this treatment approach. More men are now opting for alternative methods, such as exercise, a healthy diet and the utilization of a supplement that may stimulate the natural production of testosterone. Virectin reviews suggest that this supplement can not only assist with improving the natural balance of hormones in the male body, but also improve several areas related to the sexual wellbeing of a man.