Uses And Precautions Of Tri-Luma Skin Lightening Cream

OKDERMO is a reliable name in the world of skincare products. This online shop is selling highest-quality skincare products and medicines to almost all parts of the world. You take the name of any skincare or wellness product, search it on the company’s website and voila! You will find your desired product. 

Tri-Luma skin lightening cream is amongst the most popular skincare product available on the website of OKDERMO. Let’s throw some light on this product uses, precautions and potential side effects. 


This is a combination of medicine, which is known to treat a common skin problem called melisma. This problem attacks the face only. Melisma is a medical condition of the skin that forms dark patches. These patches are specifically developed on the forehead and cheeks. Usually, this problem develops due to some abnormal changes in the hormones. 

This medicine is created by combining three different medicines including hydroquinone, tretinoin, and fluocinolone. 

Hydroquinone helps to reverse the skin bleaching process, tretinoin speeds up the skin shredding process and fluocinolone works on reducing the redness, itching and swelling on the face. These three amazingly effective medicines when combined together, then they make an absolute useful product called tri luma skin lightening cream

This product can help in improving the condition of melisma but it cannot be considered as a way to cure this problem on a permanent basis. If your skin is exposed to the factors that trigger this skin condition, then the condition can be worsened. These factors include sunlight and estrogen. 

How can you use this product? 

Before using this product on your skin, it is advised to read the Patient Leaflet that you will find in the package. In case you have some questions or queries regarding this product, then you must talk to your doctor. 

Before applying this cream on the affected areas, it is better to apply a small amount on any unbroken part of your skin. Leave it for 24 hours and check out the results. If your skin has turned too itchy, red or puffy, then do not use this product. In case you have just experienced mild itchiness or redness, then you may start with the treatment. 

Before applying this cream, simply wash your face and neck with the mildest ad soap-less face wash. Pat dry it gently. Now apply a thin layer on the affected areas. Try to apply it 30 minutes before going to your bed. Or you may follow the directions given to you by your doctor. Do not just apply the cream but gently massage it so that it can be nicely absorbed in the skin. Never try to cover, bandage or wrap the area on which you have applied the medicine. 


This product may make your skin sensitive to the sun. so try exposing yourself to the sun. If you really need to step out in sunlight, then try to return back as quick as possible or try to wear good quality sunscreen lotion. 

In case your skin gets dry after using this cream, then you can use any good quality mild moisturizer.