How to Use CBD oil for Pain Management

The use of marijuana has been recommended in many quarters as a great remedy for medical purposes. However, a lot of controversy still surrounds this topic despite the different studies that have been carried out to show that together with its chemically-related compounds could offer tremendous benefits to our health. CBD oil is has proven to be an effective agent for pain management in addition to many other benefits according to multiple reviews in different platforms such as Pain management is one of the most common uses for CBD but this comes with its own share of side effects. CBD oil is considered as a natural remedy especially for people suffering from chronic pain and neuropathic pain, something that affects millions of people across the world. And while different treatments have been used in the past, most of these especially steroids, nerve blocks and opioids (narcotics) are known to have serious side effects as well as addiction. However, CBD can be used alongside self-care and physical therapy as a plant-based and natural regimen to relief pain

Although CBD oil has some side effects on the users, research has shown that it is non-toxic and also not addictive. As such, people who suffer from chronic pain on their hands, neck, feet or back among other parts can use CBD to relief or manage pain.

Suggested CBD oil treatment for pain management

First of all, it is important to note that CBD oil needs to be used frequently for effective relief. This is important when formulating the regimen for particular illnesses or diseases such as neurological or chronic pain. With this in mind, it is good to point out that the oil should first be used for prevention as this is very important. However, it can also be used for the management of severe flair ups. It should be taken like all other dietary supplements and the reason for regular usage is to create a baseline absorption in the body system. It is important to use genuine, legal CBD however, and this means doing your research to ensure that your sources are reliable and registered.

Day to day maintenance

CBD oil is available in different forms. You can find it in Gel capsules form or tinctures but whichever the form you buy, it is important to ingest a full spectrum daily to help in pain management. The two are however different when it comes to dosage and form factor but all the same, it is advisable to take at least 5 to 10mg of CBD oil each day for anyone suffering from any form of pain. This can be increased at the same rate if the pain is not effectively relieved by the initial dosage. If you are using the capsule, however, taking one capsule of 25mg will be alright as you cannot overdose yourself with CBD and neither are there any side effects. Using CBD oil provides you with sustained relief for a number of hours or even the entire day. It is, however, worth noting that the ingestible CBD product does take some time to be absorbed in the body and this could take up to one and half hours before the full effects are felt.

CBD oil can also be used alongside topical salve in the management of pain located on muscles, skin, ligaments, bones, and tendons among other body parts. The purpose of using the salve to reduce the level of pain and inflammation since it penetrates deep into the skin layer. Using this combination usually helps within 15 minutes and the pain relief will last for several hours. You can reapply the oil if there is the need.

Using CBD oil to manage worsening acute pain

Acute flair ups are common for many people on top of the aforementioned daily pain management plan. These flare ups can be as a result of various factors including injuries, general provocation or cold weather especially for people with arthritis. When dealing with such cases, CBD oil can be vaporized as a way of combating the flare ups and this has multiple benefits especially that’s effects can be felt almost straight away.

You can use CBD oil to manage pain associated with several conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis. However, the right dosage should be administered and advice is given that this oil should only be administered to adults unless otherwise directed. Research has shown that people who use the CBD oil are unlikely to build up tolerance as far as CBD effects are concerned and as such might need to increase the dosage administered continually. Traditionally, CBD oil has over the centuries been used as a treatment for different types of pain although it only attracted serious studies from the medical community a few years ago. You can learn more about the oil by visiting