Turbulence Training Review – Craig Ballntyne Scam Exposed!

turbMost of weight loss programs on internet target two types of users a total beginner or those who are trying push their fitness to advance level. It is really difficult to find a program that equally suits to everyone from beginner, intermediate and advanced at the same time. The Turbulence Training is one of the versatile fitness and weight loss program that fit for all.

Turbulence Training program is unique guidelines to help lose extra weight fast. Authored by Craig Ballantyne, who claim use of Metabolic Resistance Training which is one the best fat burning technique ever created. This is one of the oldest programs and it has been upgraded with newest knowledge, techniques and supplements.

Turbulence Training Reviewed For Product

Beside fat loss, Turbulence Training (TT) is complete body and life transformation program that initiate with changes in lifestyle, incorporate healthy diet and proven workouts for burning excessive fats.

As weight loss and fitness is the most misunderstood term and loaded with outright lies and myths. This fact become reason for 1000s of weight loss scam and Turbulence Training created Craig Ballantyne to unleash those misconceptions and target real techniques for burning fat without any fad diets and marathon exercises. This program will definitely expose muscles giving you a well toned physique.

The Content of Turbulence Training

It includes videos along with downloadable guides to make it completely easy to follow the Metabolic Resistance Training or (MRT) which the best workout for fat melting. MRT includes compound exercises with periods of exercises for body weight. A time for single workout will be 45 minutes at max. This Includes warm up session and cool down break and required training only 3 times in a week. After every month, you need to change the workouts and change things, so that body doesn’t be “used to” a particular routine. It means to keeping body at turbulence. This is a little excerpt of the workout content.

20 Seconds for each Warm-Up Session
Prisoner squats
Leg curl through stability ball and
Band pull

30 Seconds for each Workout
Goblet step-up along with a rest of 15 seconds
T-pushups on both alternating sides rest of 15 seconds
Kettebell or Dumbbell swing with rest of 30 seconds

40-Second Workouts for each session
One arm dumbbell press and squat, twice either side with the rest of 20-second in between.
An Alternating dumbbell renegade with a rest of 20 second.
Suspension Y’s or a dumbbell rear delt raise with rest of 20 seconds
Suspension curls or Dumbbell curls using palms along with a rest of 20 seconds in between

Final Workout Session
Bodyweight squat with narrow stance i.e. 4 rounds of 20 on &10 off.
Jumping jacks with 20 on & 10 off.
Repeat body weight squat and
Repeat jumping jacks.

About Author – Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Trainer, fitness coach and author of many books. He is quite popular in delivering short exercises regime that results with fast and dramatic results.

What Will You Get?

  • Workout videos hosted by Craig himself, Brian Kalaky, Shawna Kaminskiand Mikey Whitfield.
  • Latest and upgraded editions of the Turbulence Training program
  • Latest versions of supplementary programs like TT for Hot Chicks, Buff Dudes and Thermogenic -30.
  • 5 latest ‘miracle workout’ that can be done anywhere
  • Upgraded nutrition guide with crucial fat loss. Consider, diet is a important part and as you know there is no recompense
  • for a poor diet.

Advantages of the Turbulence Training Program

  • Exercises offered in this program are short so there isn’t any need to sweat hours in a gym and can be done at any free space.
  • Easy, clear and concise instructions make this program to understand and follow. Craig kept things lean by concentrating on necessary while steering clear of unnecessary stuff.
  • The variation is the best part of this program. Exercises are changed every month, to avoid bore dumb and getting used to.
  • Craig prefer weight circuits over cardio as out of many reasons one is that heart works harder with body weight circuits and body never get conditioned for a specific routine like cardio. Additionally, body weight circuit are faster and don’t require any larger space to workout.


Disadvantages of the Turbulence Training System

  • Needs utmost consistency and dedication to see results that appear after few weeks.
  • More focus is on exercises and nutrition section is not well addressed.

Final Words to Review Turbulence Training Scam

Following the instruction of Craig Ballantyne you can change your ways to workout forever. No doubt, the exercises are intense but they really work. In Reviews Craig Ballantyne Scamming feeds were zero and his credibility can be best count by the long history of this program on World Wide Web.