Treatment Options to Help Get Rid of Joint Pains

Joint injections are a unique way to get rid of any joint pain. In most cases, the relief from joint injections can take you up to several weeks before needing others to relieve your pain. However, before any injections, you will need the help of Zachary Perlman, DO, to help decide whether the injections are suitable for you.Oakhurst joint injections can help you lead a pain-free life.

How can pain injections help you cope?

Unlike oral medicines or other types of treatments, an injection offers direct delivery of the medicine to your joints. Such a fast reaction can have immediate help on you and will last for up to several weeks. Dr. Perlman has a lot of experience in the practice and you will benefit from his professionalism. When you make him your doctor, he will offer both prolotherapy and cortisone or combine both treatments to help get the best results.

  •         Prolotherapy

This type of treatment exists in two, as you can get the sugar-based or the salt one. Your doctor will inject either of the solutions to the injured or damaged point to help eliminate your pain. The medicine works by stimulating the important points concerned with healing in your system.

  •         Cortisone shot

This treatment stimulates your body’s natural healing process. The name of the treatment is the hormone that helps you repair damaged points in your body and get it orally or through injections. However, for faster relief, you will need an injection from your doctor. 

What type of issues can you remedy via injections?

You will get many benefits through injections, especially when you have repeated joint pains. Through the injections, you can say goodbye to issues such as tendon, joint pain, or muscle issues that are causing you much distress. The most common issues to remedy through injections include:

  •         Musculoskeletal injury
  •         Tendinitis
  •         Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •         Joint pain inflammation

Your doctor can also issue these shots to help you deal with chronic issues. For instance, if you have arthritis, knee issues, or wrist problems, you can get temporary relief with an injection.

What can you expect from a joint injection when having a session?

The first step to treatment is an appointment with Dr. Perlman, who carries out various tests to determine the treatment’s suitability. Your doctor will also take you through various elements of the treatment and make the injection. You will feel a sudden sting when the syringe pierces through your skin that will fade immediately after delivering the medicine to the joints. Other symptoms to look out for include a numbing sensation and some discomforts that quickly dissipate. Symptoms vary with people as you may feel a burning sensation also at the treatment area that will also disappear. Dr. Perlman holds that you may have to wait for a few days to benefit from the treatment.

Eliminate any joint pain with an injection from Kai Sports Medicine LLC and enjoy your injury healing process. Start the journey of pain elimination by calling or booking your appointment online.