Treatment for Arthritis in Woodland, Texas

Arthritis is highly associated with aging but can be found among people between eighteen and sixty-four, and could cause you immeasurable pain. If you suffer from arthritis pain after getting conservative treatment, you should consider meeting Jessen Mukalel, MD, an interventional pain specialist. Dr. Mukalel uses advanced therapies like interventional and regenerative procedures for The Woodlands arthritis patients at Jessen Mukalel, MD. 

Common Types of Arthritis

The most common types of arthritis are:

  •       Rheumatoid arthritis- Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that develops when your immune system attacks the synovium. The result is a chronic inflammation of the soft tissue lining your joints. Continuing inflammation is responsible for joint deformities.

When rheumatoid manifests, it usually affects small joints such as the toes and fingers. Shortly after, the inflammation radiates to other tissues and organs, including skin, eyes, lungs, and blood vessels.

  •       Osteoarthritis- Osteoarthritis is frequent in weight-bearing joints like the hips and knees. The condition develops following years of wear and tear breaking down cartilage. As a result, bone rubs against bone, leading to inflammation and bone damage.

Symptoms that Might Develop Due to Arthritis

If you are battling arthritis, you are likely to experience;

  •       Swelling
  •       Stiff joints
  •       Painful joints
  •       Limited movement
  •       Morning stiffness for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Treatment for Arthritis

You can engage Dr. Mukalel before settling on a treatment option that could be;

  •       Interventional Procedures- Interventional therapy relieves your symptoms by inhibiting pain signals traveling to the brain. Procedures include radiofrequency nerve ablation for chronic arthritic pain in the neck, spine, buttocks, lower back, hip, shoulder, and back.

A diagnostic nerve block offers temporary relief from pain in the shoulder, knees, hips, or spine. On the other hand, radiofrequency ablation diminishes your pain for nine to twenty-four months based on the level of therapeutic physical therapy you do after an ablation.

  •       Regenerative Medicine- Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) work to reverse the damage caused by arthritis. Dr. Mukalel uses real-time imaging to make precise injections of BMAC and PRP into your joints. The platelets prompt your body to initiate a natural healing response. The stem cells in BMAC regenerate new tissues like bones, cartilage, tendons, and muscles.
  •       Joint Replacement Surgery- in case other recommended treatment options come short, Dr. Mukalel could recommend a joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is best if you lose range of motion and are unable to move a joint(s).
  •       Medication and Ablation- If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you could benefit from medication like disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. Anti-rheumatic drugs slow the development and prevent permanent joint damage. Dr. Mukalel uses rheumatoid arthritis and ablation treatments to relieve you of pain and treat the underlying disease.
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  • Bottom Line

If you have relevant questions about arthritis or want to book an appointment, you can call the Jessen Mukalel MD office in The Woodlands, Texas. The online booking tool is also available for new and subsequent clients hoping to meet Dr. Mukalel.