Top Tips to Help Improve Chronic Neck Pain

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What Causes Chronic Neck Pain?

If you’ve had pains in your neck for at least two weeks, then it may be considered chronic. Neck pain could get better in time or with treatment, but may be long-lasting in some cases. The causes of neck pain are often not known as your neck is made up of a complex structure that includes muscles, nerves, vertebrae, as well as intervertebral discs that sit between your vertebrae.

If you’re suffering from acute neck pain, you may be suffering from muscle spasms. This is caused when you have a trapped nerve; symptoms include numbness or pins and needles. In severe cases, you may feel that the pain or numbness is traveling down your arms to your hands and fingers. It’s essential to seek medical attention if you have these problems for more than two weeks as they could be symptoms of other, more severe conditions.

Neck pain can be commonly caused by muscle strain or if tension has been put on your neck or shoulders. It could also be caused by a repetitive strain injury. Acute neck pain is commonly caused by day-to-day living. It may have been caused by sitting at a desk at work all day. Other factors that create neck pain are sitting with poor posture for too long, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, or working on your computer for a long time with the height not appropriately adjusted. Neck pain can also be caused by sudden twisting, turning, or jarring motions.

A traumatic injury might have caused severe neck pain if you were in a car crash, for example. This may have damaged the structure of the cervical segment of your spine. Vertebral fractures, blood vessel damage, or whiplash could cause chronic neck pain. Some medical conditions cause neck pain; these include cervical spinal stenosis, a spinal tumor, or spinal infection.

Self Help for Neck Pain

Try taking an over the counter pain medication that contains ibuprofen as this will help to reduce inflammation as well as relieving the pain.

Apply an ice pack or heat to the painful area of your neck. If you’re using ice, use an ice pack for the first 48-72 hours as this will help to reduce any inflammation. After three days, you may feel that heat gives you more relief then ice. Applying heat will help to increase blood flow to your neck, which will encourage healing. Try having a hot shower, as this will help as well.

Rest and relax, especially for the first three days after suffering from a traumatic injury. However, don’t remain stationary for too long, try gentle exercises such as yoga or stretching.

If your neck pain doesn’t get any better after a week, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor who can refer you to physiotherapy and provide you with medication and a personalized treatment plan.