Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Tupelo Honey Today

Tupelo honey comes from the nectar of the dainty flowers of the tupelo trees that grow in swampy areas of Florida and Georgia. One distinct characteristic of these trees is that they only blossom for two weeks during spring. During this time, beekeepers bring their hives to the river banks and work tirelessly to ensure that they will produce enough tupelo honey for sale.

Tupelo honey is often described as “liquid gold” because it is the most expensive variety of honey in the United States. Despite its hefty price tag, however, the demand remains high because this sweet treat from nature is incomparable. If you have yet to try this syrupy goodness, you should immediately search for pure tupelo honey for sale for the following reasons:

It Has Many Benefits

Apart from the fact that tupelo honey is a healthier sugar substitute, this liquid gold also offers numerous benefits. For one, it is rich in antioxidants that protect the body from the adverse effects of free radicals in the environment. Antioxidants are also known to boost the immune system, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and some forms of cancer.

Further, tupelo honey helps in lowering high blood pressure, which is critical in maintaining a healthy heart. It also reduces bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol in the body. Topical use of honey has also been found to expedite wound healing and treat some form of skin disorders because of its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

It Has a Distinct Taste

If regular honey makes you crave for more, you will find tupelo honey much more irresistible. It has a complex flavor profile that goes beyond mere sweetness. You can taste a hint of cinnamon as it touches your tongue. As you savor this syrupy goodness in your mouth, you will experience a sweet buttery delight with a fresh citrusy aftertaste. It is not surprising how honey connoisseurs and chefs describe tupelo honey as precious and sacred. 

Other Properties

Tupelo honey has plenty of uses besides satisfying your sweet tooth. You can use it to soothe your throat when it is sore or when you have a cough. You can also use it for making desserts as it is not only an excellent sweetener but can even keep your bread and cookies moist and flavorful because of its high fructose content. 

This golden bee syrup is also perfect for creating natural beauty treatments given its antioxidant and mineral content, as well as its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can combine it with lemon juice to create a moisturizing and skin brightening face mask or blend it with sugar and use it as a scrub to eliminate dead skin cells.

It May No Longer Be Available in the Future

Weather disturbances, the influx of exotic pests that annihilate bee colonies, as well as river dredging and land development happening on the natural habitat of tupelo trees, are all impacting the production of tupelo honey today. If these challenges are left unsolved, you may need to taste and stock-up on tupelo honey before they become a thing of the past.

There are plenty of impure tupelo honey products on sale in the market today. These items have added ingredients and may not even come from tupelo trees. You must buy raw and unfiltered products like the ones produced by Smiley Honey to experience the genuine, sweet pleasure of tupelo honey.