Top Five Fitness Trends for 2019

The fitness industry is always evolving with new exercise regimens, new ways to perform traditional workouts, more advanced fitness equipment, new exercise classes, etc. being introduced every year. In 2018, the fitness industry has been wild with different fitness trends, and experts say that in 2019, the industry is going to be even bigger. According to various annual industry surveys and fitness pros, here are the top five fitness trends expected to make waves in 2019;

1. Wearable Technology

Experts are convinced that wearable tech which includes such fitness devices as fitness trackers, GPS tracking devices, smart watches, and heart rate monitors will be the top fitness trend in 2019. This is according to the findings of an annual fitness industry survey done by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). The 13th ACSM survey involved over 2,000 health and fitness experts.

More and more people, from seniors to teenagers, are now using wearable tech to help them stay healthy and active. Even more, fitness devices greatly help you to motivate yourself to get out and start working out. “People can easily monitor their heart rate, track calories; count steps, and create plans. The data that’s collected by wearable tech inform users about key daily health metrics such as physical activity; it encourages healthier lifestyles,” says Walter R. Thompson, PhD., associate dean at the Georgia State University’s College of Education and Human Development, and lead author of the ACSM survey.

While wearable tech has increasingly become popular over the past few years, its rise to the number one trend for 2019 has been fueled by the fact that manufacturers are correcting various monitoring inaccuracies experienced in the past. Lifetoliveit emphasizes that new devices are increasingly being introduced into the market. So, you can expect to have more access to wearable tech come 2019.

2. Group Training (Both Online and Offline)

Both offline and online group training is going to be the second hottest trend in 2019. Group gym class goes hand-in-hand with competitions and big events. Instructors teach, motivate, and lead individuals through various intentionally designed, bigger, in-person group exercise classes. Often, group training programs are designed to be effective and motivational for individuals at various fitness levels. Instructors usually use leadership techniques to help people achieve fitness goals.

The CEO of Blackroll, Keckeisen points out that, “concepts which allow people to train or exercise as a group have always had many fans. They leave individuals more motivated then when training alone.” The CEO adds that social media, fitness apps, and smartphones are going to be useful when it comes to group training, allowing people to stay motivated and exchange training tips and tricks.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training

Until 2017, high-intensity interval training was the top fitness trend, especially in the US. Experts are convinced that HIIT will still be a top trend in 2019, coming in the third place. This training involves short bursts of exercises that are followed by a short recovery periods. HIIT sessions often take 30 minutes or less.

Peter McCall, certified strength trainer and conditioning specialist, says that “we are becoming fast and more impatient, and we have neither the resources nor time to fully commit to fitness plans that eat up a larger part of our day. HIIT has been around for years, and it is going to explode next year.”

McCall also sees HIIT classes becoming even shorter in 2019. “If you do a quarter an hour at the right intensities, that is all you need,” he says. So we might see different times and forms of HIIT in 2019. For a good guide to High Intensity Interval Training, how to start and how to do it properly.

4. Personal Training

There has been growing emphasis on physical activity over recent years which has seen the demand for certified fitness trainers rise significantly. The ACSM survey reveals that more people are set to get into careers in allied health and fitness fields such as personal training. Therefore, training, education, and proper certification for personal trainers will remain important in the fitness industry in 2019.

5. Personalized workouts will increase

According to LifetoLiveit, more and more people are looking for workout solutions that meet their weight loss, muscle building, serious mass building or other fitness endeavors. With an increasing number of centers like the New York Sports Lab, biohacking places such as Bulletproof Labs, and such DNA tests as Fitness Genes, people are finding it easier to have metabolic assessments and understand how genes relate to fitness. Fitness experts predict that, though pricey, these stats and tests are likely going to be popular especially for people that want to take their workout to the next level.

Other notable fitness trends for 2019 include increased workout programs for older people, body weight training, Yoga, and functional fitness training.