Top-Class Gynecological and Obstetrical Care for Women

As a woman, you are susceptible to numerous unique medical conditions. As such, it is imperative to collaborate with a qualified professional to attain your optimum health. For Decatur OBGYN, contact Dekalb Women’s Specialists for a personalized treatment plan.

About Practice

Dekalb Women’s Specialists comprises board-certified OB/GYNs, nurse-midwives, and compassionate staff. Collectively, they boast of more than 75 years of combined healthcare experience in addressing women’s needs.

The specialists provide general gynecology services, including STD testing, Pap smears, breast exams, birth control counseling and prescriptions, and well-woman visits. If you experience abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain, your expert providers offer comprehensive evaluations, including in-house ultrasound.

The doctors provide minimally invasive surgery and da Vinci® robotic surgery for issues that demand surgery such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis. If you seek outstanding care from providers that treat you like family, your search ends with Dekalb Women’s Specialists.

Available Services

Your expert specialists at Dekalb Women’s Specialists offer a full range of world-class services such as:

  •       Gynecology Specialist – Women have their share of special needs. These unique issues require gynecology experts. Your specialists at Dekalb Women’s Specialists offer superior gynecology solutions in a cozy environment.
  •       Pregnancy Specialist – During pregnancy, the body undergoes numerous changes. At Dekalb Women’s Specialists, the friendly staff has everything you need to guide you all through your pregnancy journey.
  •       Uterine Fibroids Specialist – Uterine fibroids are often harmless. Nonetheless, this condition sometimes comes with unbearable symptoms. In such cases, your expert physician at Dekalb Women’s Specialists can come in handy. Contact them to identify the most efficient treatment to remove or shrink your uterine fibroids.
  •       Infertility Specialist – Infertility is a widespread condition affecting many couples. Infertility does not necessarily mean you are barren. Contact the specialists at Dekalb Women’s Specialists for effective infertility evaluations and treatments.
  •       Birth Control Specialist – With many available birth control types, it can be hard knowing which type is ideal for your family goals. Your birth control specialist at Dekalb Women’s Specialists gives you effective counseling and recommendations according to your needs.
  •       Abnormal Bleeding Specialist – If you experience heavy and irregular periods, it may not be a cause for alarm. However, if these symptoms become unendurable, seeking an expert is imperative. Contact the team at Dekalb Women’s Specialists for an effective diagnosis and solutions.
  •       Midwife Services Specialist – The midwives at Dekalb Women’s Specialists are highly-skilled in women’s health. If you are pregnant, you need to take extra precautions for your welfare and that of your child. Contact the specialists for a wide range of outstanding midwife services.
  •       Well Woman Exam Specialist – To stay on top of your overall health and wellbeing, you require an annual well-woman exam. Schedule a consultation with Dekalb Women’s Specialists for a quality, customized approach.
  •       STD Testing Specialist – Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are common and affect a large populace. STDs affect both genders and people of all ages. If you are bothered by an STD, your experts at Dekalb Women’s Specialists offer confidential and nonjudgmental STD testing services in line with your overall wellness and health.

Women experience specific needs throughout their lifetime. These conditions demand professional intervention. Call or schedule an online appointment with the professionals at Dekalb Women’s Specialists for excellent service.