Top Benefits of Sedation Dentistry – Better Dental Appointments

Imagine you have a painful tooth that needs immediate attention; possibly removal. You cringe at the thought of it. Not because the pain has intensified, but because you imagine the pain you will experience in your dentist’s chair. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be painful. Sedation dentistry in Rockwall will give you a smooth dental visit. Relax, become sedated into sleep, and wake up to complete treatment. Sounds great? There are numerous benefits of sedation dentistry for better dental health as outlined below.

Fast Treatment

You don’t have to schedule several appointments for a single procedure. Using sedation dentistry, your dentist will cover the whole procedure over a shorter time. With the help of the sedation, you can remain calm throughout the process giving your dentist maximum time to finish the procedure. Therefore, you will save time and money, which you would have spent on numerous visits with the same results of healthy teeth.

Comfortable Procedure

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth or gums, dental appointments can be a nightmare. When your dentist uses sedation dentistry, you will be numb and unaware of the treatment going on the whole time. You don’t have to be nervous about a thing. You might also have zero memory of your treatment. Having no memory of the treatment is important, especially if you previously had traumatic dental experiences.

Convenience for Special Needs

If you have autism or other disorders that inhibit your nervous system, dentist appointments can be extremely uncomfortable for you. However, with sedation dentistry, your dentist can perform the procedures without you being overly hypersensitive.

Another convenience can be if you have sensitive gag reflexes. You are likely to choke, or even sputter, which is not the case with sedative dentistry.

Minimizes Pain

It is normal to feel pain during a dental procedure, and you are not alone. However, your dentist can apply mild sedatives combined with anesthetics that will numb you before having an injection.

Good Coping Technique

If the sight, sound, and even smell of your dentist office freaks you out, sedation dentistry is a good fit for you. Your dentist can carry out the procedure for you without worrying that you will experience a breakdown. The triggers can be worse, especially if you have had uncomfortable experiences in the past.

Your dentist can use different types of sedation specific to your needs. These include inhalation sedation, oral sedation, and even IV sedation. With inhalation sedation, your dentist directs nitrous oxide for you to breathe in. You will remain awake but relaxed. On the other hand, oral sedation involves swallowing a pill. If you have extreme anxiety, your dentist might opt to use IV sedation on you.

With mild sedation, while still awake, you can be able to respond to your dentist should the need arise. No matter your threshold of pain, having a pain-free, the fast dental procedure will be the best fit for you. You no longer have to worry about dental appointments. How great is that?