Top 6 Protective Tips for Eye Surgery Recovery

No one wishes for surgery, but some eye health complications can only be collected through surgery. Your recovery is critical and depends on the type of procedure you get. But do not worry. Finding a provider you can trust is essential to boost your confidence when going for the treatment. Justina P Taube, MD, is a Houston ophthalmologist and an ocular-plastic surgeon performing several eye implant procedures and can help you. But even the experts agree that the care you give your eye is a critical part of your recovery. Here is how you can protect your vision through recovery.

Avoid Wetting Your Eye

Splashing water on your face is a good experience, but you should avoid it after eye surgery. Whether you are bathing or showering, use special goggles for about a week or the duration your doctor will recommend depending on the specific procedure. Note that wetting your eye can spread infection and increase discomfort after surgery. On the other hand, be careful when drying your eyes to avoid complications. But it is not all procedures that hinder you from letting your eyes get wet. So, discuss with your doctor the specific guidelines for your particular procedure.

Modify Your Washing Routine

You will have to do things a little different from usual such as washing after eye surgery. You can opt to rinse your face using a washcloth applying light pressure instead of splashing water on your face. Also, you can opt to take baths in water that reaches your neck level until your doctor can give you the green light. If you must wash your hair, you should tilt your hair backward but ensure you are comfortable to get the hair wet and maintain your face dry.

Keep Cosmetic Products Off Your Eyes

It is good to avoid makeup and other products like oils and lotions following your surgery until your doctor can clear you. Such products can cause eye irritation which can result in an infection endangering your eye health. So, please keep it simple with only lipstick or lip gross during your recovery period.

Wear Sunglasses

Your eyes will not adapt quickly to light after eye surgery. Therefore, ensure you take some mitigation measures to protect the eyes from direct sunlight or bright light. Your eyes can be strained, and you may experience extreme sensitivity and pain. Generally, wear sunglasses when out until your doctor tells you otherwise. Therefore, you have to contact your doctor after your treatment for follow-up so that they can get you back to your quality life based on your recovery progress.

Shield Your Eyes While You Sleep

Depending on the nature of your eye surgery, it might be necessary to wear a shield when you sleep. Remember, you might be tempted to rub or squish your eyes in your sleep. You might have to wear the guard for a few days or up to two weeks. Even when you are not sleeping, please avoid rubbing your eyes as it might itch your eyes. Try as much to overcome the urge.

Avoid Smoke and Dust

Dust, smoke, and other irritants can cause infection and should be avoided. You can wear protective glasses when you are exposed to irritants. If you smoke, it would be good if you quit at least until you recover from your surgery.

Learn if you can benefit from eye surgery by contacting The Elite Wellness Resort providers. If you are a good candidate, your doctor will advise you on what you can expect, including the preparations you need to make for your recovery.