Top 3 Greatest Sports Themed Slots of All Time

If there’s one thing that gets us working up a sweat about sports, it’s the urge to compete and win. Whether it’s getting a personal best time on the track, celebrating a triumph as a team, or even simply toasting victory after a big win, the iGaming industry is constantly aiming to capture the thrill and euphoria of the moment in their most popular slots.

Causing a spin with their sporting themes, whether it’s aiming for that sensational slam dunk, sizzling shot or tenacious touchdown; these are three of the very best action-packed slots that have captured the essence of what it means to compete.

Basketball Star – Microgaming

Colorful graphics, appealing animation and plenty of features to keep players engaged, Basketball Star has quickly become a favorite amongst fans of sports-themed slots at online casinos. Boasting the trademark Rolling Reels feature by developer Microgaming, winning symbols explode into life to bring lots of net-busting action and chances to win big payouts, with multiple rolls and multiple wins on offer from just a single spin.

As one of the leading developers of online slots, Microgaming are also famed for their popular Mega Moolah game, regularly hitting the media with lucky winners landing record-breaking multi-million prizes. The same studio also boasts a host sports-themed games, including the Basketball Star online slot that we’ve mentioned here. With that in mind, bounce to here for more info about casinos offering free spins and bonus deals for their extensive range of games.

Sensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot – Ash Gaming

While they’re now part of the massive Playtech stable of studios, back in 2010 a small company named Ash Gaming hit on a winning idea. They combined the most popular sport in the world with a hugely popular video game hit from the 1990s, bringing forth the Sensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot. Designed around a retro 8-bit graphic style, this slot captures the very essence of the classic original game itself, including the frantic pace of the match action.

If players can manage to trigger the special Euro Cup Bonus feature, they can select their favorite team for the chance to progress through the tournament and if lucky enough, make it all the way to the final. This slot game includes the original Sensible Soccer soundtrack and effects, including crowds cheering and every kick of the ball, making this an entertaining and nostalgic trip down memory lane that fans of the original will absolutely love.

1st Down – Inspired Entertainment

Thanks to the huge popularity of American football and the NFL, it was inevitable that one studio might aim to make the definitive slot game of this sporting theme. That studio was UK-based developer Inspired Entertainment, who have a rich history of producing some of the most innovative and interactive virtual sports games for the iGaming community.

Right from the start players can customize which team to play as, bringing a different color and flavor each time they play. While maintaining the classic five-reel slot layout, what additionally sets the game apart are the stunning visuals. Once the bonus features are triggered, players are treated to some of the best VR animation ever seen in a video slots game, with CGI match action that puts even the latest Madden games to shame.

The Sporty Conclusion

Based on contrasting reasons for each selection, the trio of slots we’ve selected above are those we consider to be amongst the very best of the sporting genre. Of course, there are no shortage of ties between sports and online casinos, with quite literally hundreds of themed games out there to enjoy. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of fun trying out these and other exciting games offered by the booming iGaming industry.