Tooth Preservation Tips for a Healthy and Natural Smile

Root canals are important as they help save your teeth. However, the root canal procedure mostly overlooks your aesthetics as tooth-fillings are mostly silver-colored and highlight themselves to the world when you express yourself. If you want to maintain your tooth’s natural color, consider colored fillings that will help you laugh your heart out without any self-consciousness. Yonkers tooth colored fillings can help provide you with the natural-looking smile you desire and more. 

Why should you go for tooth colored fillings?

Silver fillings are just as good as colored fillings; however, they eliminate the natural state of your mouth, inhibiting you from expressing yourself boldly. Fillings are the best way to preserve a broken tooth or a cavity, and in most situations, the doctor will use a silver amalgam on you. Certainly, silver has its glam as it shines better than any other color; however you will need to retain the important pattern for aesthetic purposes in a series of white teeth.

Yonkers Dental Arts fillings also offer an opportunity to switch from standard silver fillings to more natural colored ones with the help of Dr. Schraner. Tooth-colored fillings do not possess the standard amalgam, but composite or porcelain materials that give you a natural look and feel.

Additionally, amalgam fillings take up more space than porcelain or composite material, meaning you will retain most of your tooth.

Most cavities occur on the back of your tooth; however, you can hide the issue from other people with tooth colored fillings in instances where you have cavities at the front. The fillings can help restore your natural smile.

Differences Between Porcelain and Composite Fillings

Porcelain and composite dental fillings have notable differences that can make your doctor opt for one instead of the other. However, one similarity that stands is that both of them offer natural appearances to help you maintain your beautiful smile.

Porcelain is a durable product and it will resist stains more readily than composite fillings. Your doctor and the staff will custom make porcelain in the dental lab for your dental procedure. One shortcoming of the product is that the filling part requires an extensive session more invasive than in composite procedures.

Composite procedures help you have natural teeth; however, their major downside is that they stain easily. Additionally, doctors have to manually fit the substance to your mouth, as it cannot be custom-made.

Identifying the Right Filling Option For You

Yonkers Dental Arts suggests that you reach your doctor as soon as possible for the filling procedure. Prompt action will help preserve your tooth naturally and beautifully to the world. Delaying dental sessions can lead to tooth pain and extraction.

Yonkers Dental Arts has consultation sessions that help Dr. Schraner decide the best filling material for your cavity. Additionally, the extent of tooth decay will also help your doctor make decisions for the best dental material.
Smile and laugh more with a medical procedure from Yonkers Dental Arts. With their tooth colored fillings, you will enjoy your teeth’s natural looks. Reach the facility via a phone call or online for the procedure.