Tips to Prepare for a Facelift

A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that may help you regain skin elasticity. As you age, your skin and tissues lose some elasticity, which results in wrinkles and sagging. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and smooth out wrinkles. If you plan on getting a New York facelift, your surgeon will help you prepare for the procedure. 

You may be the right candidate for the procedure if; 

  • You are healthy and have no medical conditions
  • You don’t abuse drugs or smoke
  • Your expectations are realistic

Preparing for a Facelift

If you are about to get a facelift, you must prepare for it like any other surgery. Before the procedure, your doctor will give you a pre-surgical evaluation. The goal is to ensure that you are in good health. They may suggest that you adjust your dosage or stop taking certain medications. During the pre-surgical evaluation, your doctor will also clear you for anesthesia and ensure that you know what to expect. They will inform you about the cost of the procedure, potential risks, outcome, and aftercare. 

Minimize exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen whenever you are out. Sunburns can make you ineligible for a facelift. 

If you smoke, you have to quit before getting a lift. It is bad for surgery since it constricts the flow of blood. It can lead to after-surgery complications and slow down the recovery process. If you need help quitting, seek help from a professional. 

Do not drink alcohol three to five days before the date of the procedure. If you drink, you are likely to lose excessive blood. 

Since you will get general anesthesia, you cannot drive back home after the procedure. Arrange for transportation from the hospital to your home. 

Arrange for help when you get out of the hospital. You should have someone to monitor your progress and take you back to the hospital where necessary. 

Avoid eating the night before your surgery. General anesthesia does not go well with food. If you have the procedure in the morning, do not eat past midnight. You must have an empty stomach during the surgery. 

You need to wash your hair the night before the surgery. If your surgeon makes incisions on your hairline, your hair should be clean to minimize the risk of infection.

You need to take medication after your surgery. Fill your prescription before getting surgery. It saves you the trouble of going to a pharmacy after surgery and minimizes the risk of missing doses.

The results of a full facelift can last up to ten years. It helps you regain your youthful skin and reduce the signs of sagging. Even though it cannot make you young, it leaves your skin looking tighter and more vibrant. 

Even though preparing for a facelift can be overwhelming, it does not have to be. Working with a professional can make things much easier. They will help you stay healthy before and after the procedure, and set the right expectations.