The Ultimate Guide to BJJ Gear for Beginners

If you have decided to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and ready to join a BJJ gym it is time to gather your gear and other stuff and go on with the new life. However, before you can go start enjoying there is one more thing to do, that is packing your gear. If you have already bought it and packed then reading on will let you know if you missed anything and if you haven’t then let’s start.


So, there are two types of BJJ training, the traditional one where you wear a GI and other where GIs are not required and is called NO-GI and the word GI means uniform. Yes, the name reveals it all. Do you know which type of BJJ you will be practicing? For the traditional one GI are mandatory and you will need a few, fresh one for each day. Check out the complete range of BJJ and other martial arts gear.


For NO-GI rash guards are necessary, just like the GI for the traditional style, but some gyms advise to wear it under your GI. This is because wearing a rash guard keeps you dry and comfortable by evaporating sweat and having a cool effect. They prevent skin contact and it is another reason why sometimes it is suggested to wear under the GI. Rash-guards also prevent rug burn. Make sure you wear washed and clean ones every day.

Grappling shorts

NO-GI training also requires grappling shorts, while there are other options too but these are recommended. Firstly, there are two types of shorts loose board style and tight-fitting Vale-Tudo. The shorts that are made for BJJ don’t slide off easily and allow you to move freely. In addition, there is no metal on it so no worries. Spat pants or BJJ pants are also allowed but they give your opponent more fabric to grab one and get better control of you. 

Compression shorts

These are necessary whether you opt for GI or No-GI training. Shorts and rash guard combination for No-GI while for the traditional one you can choose either to wear these under the GI or not.


Mouthguards protect your teeth and mouth, they are generally custom made for perfect fitting and best protection. It is always good to be on the safe side. In order to buy some gear whether it is BJJ or not you can check out this wholesale program by Elite Sports. 

Groin protectors

You would not want it to leave it un-protected because you never know! The standalone cup and the jockstrap with supports are two types and the second one preferred. Because if the standalone cup gets shifted from its place, the protection can become a cause of damage!


Cauliflower ear is caused if your ear is gets hit repeatedly or you keep pulling the head out of a choke. This friction or strike to the ear causes the skin to get separated from your ear cartilage creating a space in between which is then filled with blood. It can be prevented by wearing a good quality headgear.

Knee pads

Looking forward to knee injuries and pain? Reduce the pain and severity of impact by wearing knee pads. Protection is the basis of any training and necessary in every martial art. If you have been training in BJJ you’ll know bruises, pain, and even popped knee is common but you can reduce the risks with knee pads. Buy the ones that are made for BJJ. Happy training!