The Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health

It’s a sad fact that most of us spend big chunks on our clothing, outfits and appearance instead of channelizing this amount in the right direction. Despite, we get nothing and the fear of diseases and looking bad still haunts everyone. Think different people! If you spend this amount on your health, clean food, fitness and taking care of your body, the benefits will be outnumbered.

You can’t win a marathon without the right gear. So is the case with our health and fitness. Without spending right amount on your health, body and accessories needed for better overall health, you can’t live a healthy life.

It’s interesting to find out that every individual spend one third of their life sleeping. But there are only a limited number of people who know what a perfect sleep is and how it can be achieved. In a 2011 poll, the National Sleep Foundation found “92% of people say a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep.” This study perfectly captures what we need to keep up good health. Without sleeping for the required time, as per the recommended level for every age group, you can’t achieve enthusiasm, strength, stamina and efficiency to spend your whole day happily.

This post primarily tried to discuss the interesting ways your mattress affects your health. We would cover the positive sides of mattress and why a right mattress is more important than food.

New Mattress Reduces Destroys Stress

There is a psychological factor that we feel more satisfied and happier with new things. For example, if we just change our smart phone with a new one, though both served the same purpose, we would be happier with the new one. A small study conducted on 60 people found out that people sleeping on new mattress were found saying they had better sleep, less stress and more mental satisfaction. There are a number of platforms where people can find guides about the best mattresses and this website is a reliable source to find quality mattresses for all needs.

You May Be Allergic to Your Mattress

There is no denying that dust is the hub of microscopic creatures causing more bugs. A study says that more than 20 million Americans are allergic to buggers. So is the case with everyone, almost. People don’t find it as comfortable to sleep on a used mattress as on a new one. This is indirectly affecting your sleeping behavior. However, cleaning sheets regularly with hot water helps kill all harmful germs and creatures.

Tossing and Turning Could be a Sign It’s Time for a New One

USA Today reported that if you are not sleeping as you used to, it’s an indication that you should make an investment to purchase a new mattress.
you can even find best cheap mattress online if you are worried about the budget. The stiffness and a small spring sticking into your back are the loudest tellers that you should replace your mattress. Aren’t these affecting the way we all sleep? They definitely destroy the comfort level and mindset to attain relaxing sleep.

Using Your Mattress As Your Home Office

This is the worst thing anyone can ever do to a mattress. Turning your mattress into your home office is something doctors really want people to keep at bay. Experts agree that the bedroom should be reserved for sleep and sex — otherwise; your brain can start to expect to answer work emails when you hit the hay, making it increasingly difficult to fall asleep.

Final Words

Certain things in life may be compromised but when it comes to health and having the recommended hours of sleep, we believe everything should be given a big NO. Sleep is a big effect when it comes to your perfect health. The way we sleep, the accessories we use, the mattresses and beds we have- everything has pertinent impacts on our sleep behavior. We feel more satisfied with clean environment, new mattresses and this all leads to a comfortable sleep. In order to live a happy, fit and active life we need to enjoy proper sleep and it only comes when you invest your amount to buy right kind of mattresses.